6 Self-Gift Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall

August 13, 2015

The other day, we had a downpour for half a day that unexpectedly turned the temperature down about 20* F…And it reminded me just how much I love fall. As much as I tell myself we have another 3 weeks (or a month) before things cool off, I can’t help but feel excited for sweater weather.

Not that we always have to celebrate the changing of seasons with shopping, I’ve been craving some items with which to self-gift when fall comes. 😉 A part of it is that I’ve been pushing myself in a variety of ways through spring and summer. Whenever I go through a very dynamic phase, I tend to not care a lot about clothes, hair, makeup, etc, due to running around a lot. (My nails have been bare and so boring for at least a month). In fall, I hope to run around a little less and actually enjoy treating myself to some nice things. I also used to think that you had to earn self-treats like this by working super hard–but now, I think that you can take care of your needs (aesthetic needs are needs, too) without justifying. You’re a woman!

Here’s what’s on my wish list of self-gift ideas for fall.

1. A go anywhere cover-up 
x Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall

Rese “Megan” top in Black, $66

I love sweaters as much as the next girl, but when it comes to actually dressing, I wear cotton-blend cover-ups like these way more often. They’re technically active wear, but designed to be worn before and after class, running errands, etc. But on top of that, they’re cute / sexy enough to wear out with jeans, easy to layer, and 100% easier to wash than sweaters. Also, I love cut-outs and clothes without backs, and sweaters just have too much back material sometimes. 😀

2. Pretty lingeriex Ideas to Refresh Your Look for Fall


Eberjey racerback bralette, $60

Summer heat doesn’t call to mind lacy or complicated lingerie (sweaty, etc). But doesn’t fall make you want to dress a little more strategically? From years of experience, trial, and error, I’ve discovered that it’s completely worth my while to visit an actual lingerie boutique (not Victoria’s Secret) where they stock a variety of different brands. Not only will they make you feel like a queen (mini bottles of Evian? chocolates? Yes please!) they will also tell you what size you are, and what you should try. It will change your life. Here is a pretty little thing from Journelle in NYC, aka the only place I’ll ever shop for bras going forward.

3. Pretty yet comfy robex Ideas to Refresh Your Look for Fall


Eberjey Everly Robe, $102

Come fall, I become a big robe person. All I ever do at home is walk around (or more likely, sit around) in a robe. If you’re going to be wearing something every night, it helps to make sure it’s both cozy *and* pretty. Bonus: This makes you feel less like a lazy person and more like an intentionally lounge-y person. 🙂

4. Major investment in your skin

x Self-Gift Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall

Haut Cosmetics Argan Elixir, $39.95

My summer skincare is so simple as to be nearly non-existent. The humidity that I dislike actually does a great job of keeping my skin plump and moist. But come fall, I know I need to take care of my skin better. I’m a huge fan of Haut Cosmetics, a vegan and all-natural line of skincare and makeup. This brand is an expert at doing all-natural in such an effective way. I’ve tried their CC cream, BB cream, and different kinds of lip tints, and loved all of them. Since their mineral-based creams have been so good for my skin, I can’t wait to try their Argan Elixir with vanilla bean bio-ferment.

5. Meaningful and long-lasting jewelry

x Self-Gift Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall

x Self-Gift Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall

Handmade Aquamarine Studs by Turquoise Mountain, $96

I love seeing trendy jewelry on other people but at the end of the day, what I wear most is timeless jewelry, especially pieces that are real, handmade, and lasting. These aquamarine studs are made by Turquoise Mountain, which trains and employees a new generation of artisans in Afghanistan to revive their economy and revive their ancient heritage of jewelry-making and craftsmanship. But just look how pretty–isn’t it so squee-worthy?

6. Good books, art, candles

x Self-Gift Ideas to Treat Yourself for Fall


Doesn’t fall call for getting cozy with a book? I’m so excited for my first 2 lined up for fall, both by Murakami. This will probably done while lighting candles and sipping a hot drink. Aaaah….the very idea is making me so happy!

Share with me what’s on your list! What will you treat yourself with? 

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