Vegan Quinoa Recipes: Savory Red Quinoa Lunch Bowl

March 17, 2014
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Meet your new favorite lunch dish–the healthy, vegan, and oh so tasty quinoa bowl.

Every Sunday, I usually make a huge pot of rice or quinoa that I throw in recipes throughout the week (it’s so handy when you don’t really feel like cooking or waiting 45 minutes for your meal to be ready).  I make variations of this quinoa lunch bowl pretty often, but it almost always contains corn and avocado—the combination of textures is delightful.

Savory Red Quinoa Lunch Bowl


(Serves 2)

1 tbl. olive or coconut oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 cups cooked quinoa (Any kind is fine. Red quinoa has a fun, “chewy” texture.)

¾ cup corn (fresh off the cob or frozen)

1 avocado, cut into 1-inch chunks

¼ cup fresh basil, cut in a chiffonade

½ tsp. cumin

½ tsp. smoked paprika

2 tsp. nutritional yeast

sea salt and ground pepper to taste


To cook quinoa:

(Makes about 3 cups cooked. May be doubled or tripled.)

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.  Add 1 cup quinoa and reduce to a simmer.  Cover and cook until quinoa is tender and fluffy (about 15 minutes).

To make lunch bowl:

1.  At a medium-low heat, warm oil in a pan.  Sauté garlic until fragrant (about 30 seconds).

2.  Add quinoa, corn, ground spices, and yeast.  Stir-fry for about five minutes, allowing the flavors to blend.  Taste test for seasoning.

3. Transfer to bowls and top with avocado chunks and fresh basil. Enjoy your easy & healthy homemade lunch 🙂

  Vegan Quinoa Recipes: Savory Red Quinoa Lunch Bowl

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Photos: Mary Hood

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