How To Write A Sacred Petition For The New Year & Peacefully Manifest Your Dreams

December 31, 2020

Late December and early January days are both sacred and liminal.

These are days to look at what we have been grateful for over the past year, and to acknowledge what we wish were different. I am sure there were many things that you wish were different about 2020!

If you lost someone dear to you, I send my prayers. If you yourself were sick, I send my prayers. If you lost your job, I send my prayers. If you had a hard time just getting up and doing anything, I understand! And I send my prayers.

I am a believer in using the New Year transition to envision new possibilities. But there is no need to hustle into big changes and “resolutions” for the New Year. In my experience, hustling and pushing tends to bring me burn out and disappointment.

I prefer to bask in quiet dreamy manifestation time…

to be in nature and listen to the crows…

to hear the music of the river as it whispers to my soul’s desires…

to sit with a candle, a wisp of incense, and a journal as I write out a petition (a simple prayer to myself) for my dreams.

When I take this relaxed approach to manifesting, I find my true success and joy. I invite you to try this quiet approach to shifting your hopes and dreams for 2021 with this sacred petition practice.

Make a sacred New Year’s petition! 

Words have power. A petition is a fancy word for a prayer. It is a way of calling to your higher self to step in, help out, and make things happen! Petitions work best when they are simple and straight from the heart.

Start by choosing one area of your life to focus on:

  1. Purpose
  2. Prosperity
  3. Love and/or Relationship
  4. Spiritual Growth

Grab your favorite journal, light a candle and some incense, and sit quietly for a few minutes to really tap into your soul’s calling.

Now, write out your desires for that chosen area. Don’t hold back with doubt. Just flow with the words…

“In 2021, I would like to manifest…”

Now write a one-sentence petition (remember, it is a little prayer) to yourself to repeat for 21 days. Choose at least one goal from your list above and write one sentence that you will repeat to yourself every day, both out loud and in writing. It could be as simple as: “Prosperity will be mine,” or “Love will be my path,” or “I love and appreciate my body.” *Remember, you should write AND say this out loud for at least 21 days.

“My 21 day petition prayer is…”

Once you have your one sentence, plan one simple and doable 21-day action step. If your petition is about loving your body, perhaps your daily action step is: 3 sun salutations every day. Make sure it is simple and doable.

“My 21 day simple and doable action step is…”

You can repeat this process every 21 days, perhaps choosing a different manifestation or fine tuning your first one.

There is a potency in these dark days of winter. The quiet repose and darkness invite us to sit in stillness and quietly dream into the life we want for ourselves. Now is a time to unwind your old stories and step into your true soul purpose. What you write down, speak out loud, AND take daily action upon is more likely to manifest in your life.

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Photo: Carolyn V. Instagram @sixteenmilesout via Unsplash

Angie Follensbee-Hall
Angie is an artist, creativity mentor, and yoga teacher. She was born on the captivating island of Sicily at the base of Mt. Etna, and grew up running around in the quiet mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. Angie loves world cultures and has traveled across the US, Europe, and India. Her free-spirited childhood on two continents, cultural inspirations, and love of the natural world are primary influences in her art-making and creative living. Angie's studies include a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in Education and Creative Practice from Goddard College. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level, teaching for over 14 years, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Traditional Herbalist, an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner, and an Attunement Energy practitioner. She has led over 5,000 hours of professional classes and workshops. Learn more about Angie and her offerings at her website:


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