Ryan Gosling Writes an Op-ed Advocating for Pigs: Sounds as Hot as He Looks

July 14, 2013

ryan gosling vegan animal activist In an op-ed piece on The Globe and Mail, Ryan Gosling praises the recent move by Canada’s National Farm Animal Care Council to reduce the current practice of locking up pregnant sows in gestation crates for four months at a time. At the same time, Ryan (can I just call you Ryan? Is that okay?) calls for the closing of a loophole that would still allow the locking up for five week periods.

Ryan Gosling has long been a vocal animal rights activist working with PETA, but he is not a vegan himself. Some vegans contend that he doesn’t go far enough with his activism, and that he should speak out not only against cruel treatment of animals, but against any raising and killing of livestock for food. Still, I really admire his initiative and commitment to humane treatment of animals. Also, I can’t help but notice how well-written, incisive, and polished his article is. Can one man be endowed with so much beauty, heart, and brains? It really is kind of uncanny.

Here is another recent letter from Ryan Gosling calling for the end of “dehorning” of dairy cows. And here he is, just picking up some vegan lunch in LA and looking all casually handsome.

ryan gosling vegan dairy cows letter

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