Results: Washing My Face With Distilled Water

June 2, 2014
Results: Face Washing With Distilled Water - Peaceful Dumpling

Facial cleansing with distilled water = perfect skin? Read on!

About a month ago, I wrote a piece about the possible link between tap water and acne.  Since I’m always game for experiments in face washing, I decided I’d try to washing my face with distilled water for a month and note any changes I saw in the texture and clarity of my skin.

Since living in an area with fairly hard water (i.e. mineral dense), I’ve noticed a few changes in my skin and hair.  My skin is drier and more prone to that “tight” feeling while my hair is less oily but more inclined to accrue dreaded soap and product build-up (for which, thank goodness, I found a solution).  Although I haven’t noticed much difference in my breakouts since moving, I was still very curious to see what would happen.

Results: Face Washing with Distilled Water

The fewer the minerals in the water, the more your soap will suds.

Here are my observations:

1. The first thing I noticed was how much better the soap sudsed with non-tap water—even “cream” cleansers, which is mostly what I use.

2.  Under the distilled water, my skin felt more slippery (and clean). It was definitely a nice washing experience.

3. Over the course of the month, my skin broke out in its normal fashion, leaving me a little underwhelmed with the new cleansing method.

4. Overall my skin felt slightly more hydrated. It’s possible that with less soap scum left on my face, moisturizers were better able to penetrate the skin—just a guess, though!

5.  After the first week, I became less and less enthused with the endeavor, mainly because it was such a hassle to dole out a little bit of special water every morning for my wash.  If I didn’t give myself enough, I’d be reaching for the big jug as soap slowly seeped into my eyes… Of course, this just shows how spoiled I am by the tap!

I don’t plan to continue this method even though I sense that over time, it could make a difference as far as “anti-aging” is concerned. Purer water that optimizes soap and allows serums and moisturizers better access to your skin sounds like a good deal.  But, at the moment, I just don’t have the patience for it!

I will, however, keep a jug of distilled water around for when I do my weekly hair-buildup cleanse (mentioned above).  The hair shaft can only absorb so much water, and if the first water it soaks up isn’t full of minerals, your shampoo will have a better time of destroying buildup. I simply use this water in the baking soda solution instead of tap. It makes a difference!

Have you tried any wacky experiments in facial cleansing? Do tell. 

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