How I Reprogrammed My Brain With Neuroscience To Heal My Childhood Traumas

October 13, 2021

How my inherited and learned habits brought me to an existential crisis

I was born in Madrid in 1984 and raised there. I grew up in a narcissistic family, where I did not get my emotional needs met, so I didn’t learn to love myself or develop enough self-esteem, and never knew what the word “boundary” meant. Not only that, I belonged to The Western Society, like most of you. Following rules and rigid ways of living was never my thing, but I had a big heart and I wanted to fit in (can you relate?). Once I left my family bubble and moved to London when I was 29, the patterns I had acquired within my family and country systems, no longer served me and life became extremely overwhelming.

Thanks to Veganism, my “awareness journey” began. It was then that I realized my eating habits were making me sick. I also learned that the chemistry in my body, produced by the foods I ate, was also making me hooked to certain foods, resulting in eating disorders. Every single area of my life was affected for years. After many painful experiences with depression and anxiety, as well as doing loads of research and self-discovery, I came across Dr. Joe Dispenza. Thanks to him I discovered how to heal myself using neuroscience-based techniques. In less than 2 months my life has changed drastically for the better. I am no longer depressed or have anxiety and I am more confident and happier than I have ever been. Let’s get into it, shall we?

If we understand we can change for the better

Before I tell you how I changed, we all need to be clear on what “habits” really are, so that we understand how they are created and how they affect our lives. Habits are a series of subconscious and automatic redundant thoughts, behaviors, and emotions which we learn through repetition. We have repeated them so many times that our body substitutes the mind. At the age of 29 my brain was a record of the past, and what I had learned until then hardly served me when I left home. I started having toxic relationships. What I learned in my family was what I looked for in a partner: chaos, drama, ignorance, avoidance… I never got the love and care that I longed for, but now I have the tools to change and create a new life for myself.

Which are the three steps I followed to start reprogramming my brain and break my toxic and default habits?

  1. Becoming aware of myself and others by being more present.
  2. Working on my subconscious mind through meditation.
  3. Practice and being consistent make the difference.

The 3 “miracle” steps that work for every human on this Earth

Developing awareness about yourself and others

Becoming vegan was my kick-starter to self-awareness. It was the first time I paid attention to habits and tried to change my eating patterns. It’s funny. We go through life in a subconscious program and wonder why things go wrong. Progressively my diet improved, I loved being vegan and, I was a lot healthier, though my childhood traumas remained. I struggled with more toxic relationships, my family, work, and money, which instinctively brought me to analyze not only myself but those around me, as well as the system I was surviving in. I decided it was not for me so I saved up for a few months and off I went to Bali, with no idea of what I would do next.

Working on the Subconscious Mind

Did you know that our brain functions 95% with the subconscious mind and, only 5% with the conscious mind? This fact blew my mind, and it was a game-changer. The best way I started to train my brain to be in the present moment, to then be able to access the subconscious mind and reprogramme my habits, was through meditation. To be more specific, I use Quantum Physics meditations from Dr. Joe, which are designed for this purpose.

Practice and Consistency is what makes the difference

Practice makes perfect my friends, so, fake it until you make it. Believe it or not, it is a real formula, backed up by neuroscience. I felt instant improvements from the first time I meditated and with practice, I have become a lot better at it and I am extremely happy with the results so far. The same will happen to you, just start small and with time do longer meditations for more profound changes. Oh, and once you change a habit, there is no return to the old one, as it will have been “deleted” from your system!

There is hope for all of us

As a health professional, vegan and passionate woman, I only want the best for me, for you, for the animals, and for this world, which can be SO A-MA-ZING! Helping one another should be the number one human law, though unfortunately, it just isn’t yet on a bigger scale. But here is the good news. We all have the power to do what I am doing, as well as so many people around the globe. Nobody can take that away from us because nobody can access our brains except for us.

All I can say is that I am not the same person I was two months ago; I have New thoughts, New emotions, and New habits. I am a New me, and, I have a New incredible life. You can find Dr Joe Dispenza´s work here. It is now my life purpose to help people overcome their “bad” habits, which keep them from reaching their goals, by using neuroscience. It is all in our “head” guys!

Lastly, I want to share with you Chri’s testimonial, who also healed from big traumas with this work:

Bless you, all, you are loved!

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Photo: Suzy Floyd

Suzy F. Lloyd
Suzy is a super passionate Dietitian and Vegan Coach at VeNutrition. She has always been extremely interested in well-being; she loves food so much and helping others comes naturally to her, which led her to become a Dietitian. Suzy has over 12 years of experience in the field of Nutrition and Health. During that time, she worked in Madrid and London, in different public and private hospitals, clinics, and health centers. In 2018 she left Europe to go and live in Bali where her real-life journey began. Since then she has continued working remotely and has never looked back. She would like to tell you a bit about her beliefs and purpose. If it is something that aligns with you, please feel free to get in touch, she would love to know your thoughts and goals to improve your health and overall happiness. We are all part of Nature, right? So, if we give our body the conditions it needs, it will simply flourish, just like any flower would do! You will feel joyful, full of energy, and balanced, and who doesn't want that? Suzy helps her clients achieve their health goals. She teaches them how to feed their bodies naturally and how they can reach and maintain a strong, balanced mind and body. She also gives vegan and vegetarian cooking lessons, and last but not least, she shows sustainable ways of cooking, eating, and living! If she had a magic wand, what would she change? She would transfer self-awareness to everyone on this Planet. Why, you may be asking? Well, if you are aware of who you are, what your body needs and, how you can impact this world positively, you will simply feel blissful, and that will benefit those around you. Her recipe is "Happy people make people happy." If she had to choose a book that impacted her life, that would be “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. It taught her we can learn to flow in life, everything can be transformed for the better, and if we develop a little patience and have faith in ourselves, anything is possible!! It is easy to have a healthy mind and body if you know how to and, Suzy would be extremely happy to help you, teach you and guide you in this empowering and revolutionary life process! Follow Suzy on Instagram @venutrition_velife_veyou and LinkedIn.


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