Pink Summer Spritzer: Rosé Cocktail

August 5, 2021
I have very little experience making cocktails, but I knew I wanted to serve something sparkly and summery featuring the very much on-trend wine of the moment, rosé. The neat thing about rosé, other than its beautiful blush color, is that it pairs well with many foods and is usually somewhere between dry and sweet. It also doesn't need to be aged as long as other varieties of wine, making it fairly affordable--and no one needs to feel the pressure to let it mature in their homes while the bottle collects dust. It's simply to be enjoyed.

That's also the inspiration for this rosé cocktail. It's easy on the palate (without being overly sweet) and is meant to be enjoyed with your friends or S.O. Cheers! Note: This rosé cocktail doesn't have a very strong alcohol taste relative to most cocktails you'd receive at a bar. You can vary the ratio of alcohol to non-alcohol to your liking.
Pink Summer Spritzer: Rosé Cocktail

Pink Summer Spritzer: Rosé Cocktail

Recipe Type: Beverages
utensils YIELDS 2 cocktails
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  • 6 ounces rosé
  • juice of one grapefruit
  • 8 ounces sparking water
  • 1 ounce vodka
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1. Juice one grapefruit and carefully strain the pulp out.

2. Combine the ingredients in a pitcher and pour into two glasses.

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Photos: Mary Hood Luttrell

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