Nature´s Vegan Snicker Delight

September 21, 2021
This recipe is perfect for all "sweet tooth standards," as you can make it more or less sweet. I have been making it for some time now and nobody so far has given me a bad review, yuhu! So I am very happy to present it to you and I hope you will enjoy these delights as much as I do. It is the best sweet snack or dessert recipe you can make as it is delicious, easy, and quick to make, and it is filling and nourishing, all in one. You can have them ready at home and eat them when you like, or you can make them for different events, or to take to work, as a picnic snack, you decide!

They have helped me reduce my sugar cravings and addiction. I have always eaten very well but I also ate too much ice cream, chocolate, or biscuits. After I tried this recipe I was able to quit them all, which helped me become healthier and more self-aware of my food choices. They are filling, packed with fiber and other beneficial nutrients, and naturally sweet. Instead of eating processed sugary foods, I had one of these after a meal and my cravings progressively disappeared. I truly hope they can serve you too!

I have named this Nature´s Delight recipe "Nature´s Vegan Snicker" because it reminds me of my favorite chocolate bar back in school, "The Snicker bar," but this recipe alternative is way better. Make them and give me your feedback on my @venutrition Instagram account. I would love to know if you liked them, or if they helped you keep your sugar cravings at bay.

Simply make them the day before you want to eat them, so the texture is perfect and the flavors mix properly! Bon appétit my beautiful Vegan Family! 😉
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Nature´s Vegan Snicker Delight

Recipe Type: Sweets
utensils YIELDS 9 servings
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  • 9 Medijool Dates
  • 9 Almonds
  • 6 Pecan Nuts
  • 4.5 Walnuts
  • 9 squares 85%–100% Chocolate bar
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1. Buy as many dates as “snickers” you want to make. It is a great opportunity to make them in bulks if you want to have them in the fridge during the week or to take them to an event, or for a picnic. I made 9 dates with 3 different fillings.

2. With a sharp knife make a cut on one side and from top to bottom. Be careful not to open the dates too much, we need them to close well. See the pictures to guide you.

3. Select whole-sized Almonds, Pecan Nuts, and Walnuts.

4. 9 Almonds (3 almonds inside each date), 6 Pecan Nuts (2 Pecan nuts inside each date), and 4.5 Walnuts (1.5 walnuts per date).

5. In a small saucepan add 40-50 ml of water and add 9 squares of dark chocolate (I used an 85% chocolate bar, but if you prefer you can make them with a stronger one). Stir at low heat until the mix is fluid but not too liquid so that once you pour it on the dates it stays on the surface. If it´s still liquid keep boiling for a little longer while you stir and the mix will become more dense and ready to cover the dates.

6. Put the dates on a flat plate or a glass container and with a spoon cover the dates one by one completely.

7. Cover them and put them in the freezer for 24 h.

8. Put them in the fridge for 30 minutes minimum before eating.

Tip: If you live in a warm part of the world, don´t take too long to devour them, as the heat will melt the chocolate a little. They will still taste amazing and you will enjoy them loads!

Bon appétit my fellow beautiful Vegans! Let’s enjoy Nature´s Vegan Delights!

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Photo: Suzy F. Lloyd

Suzy F. Lloyd
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