GF Vegan Stir Fried Glass Noodles With Cabbage

March 15, 2021
Cabbage is a really nutritious vegetable (they actually pack the same nutritional benefits as kale): it's low in calories, filled with fiber, and packed with phytonutrients and minerals (potassium, Vitamin A,C, B6, iron, calcium, magnesium) that are key for out health.

But it tastes quite plain for me, so I was looking for more ways to incorporate it into my dishes other than in salads, some soups or stuffed cabbage rolls, which are extremely delicious but very time-consuming.
Then just occurred to me that my basic Chinese take out veggie mix is mainly salad, so why not try to make something just as that but somewhat different? I usually pick up those veggies that are here called Buddha's delight, with steamed rice or fried glass noodles. My original attempt was to create the same dish at home but as stores are closing down again due to extended COVID-19 restrictions, I could not really get anything else to add into my dish but cabbage, gluten-free soy sauce, and glass noodles. Super easy to make and I recommend to pick the smallest cabbage you can find where you shop as it will be tender. The standard green cabbages are huge and solid, heavy, and just not so good when you cook them (these are best for stuffed cabbage as the leaves are pretty solid and get starchy when cooking).
vegan cabbage glass noodles in a white bowl

GF Vegan Stir Fried Glass Noodles With Cabbage

Recipe Type: Hearty Entrees
utensils YIELDS 2 servings
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  • 1 small bundle dried glass noodles
  • 300 g small cabbage
  • 2 tbs GF soy sauce
  • 1/2 tbs white wine vinegar
  • 1/4 ts white pepper
  • 1 tbs sesame oil
  • 1/4 ts brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 1/2 ts ginger, ground
  • 1/2 ts ground garlic
  • to taste dried chillies (optional)
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1. Soak dried glass noodles in cold water for 5 minutes until slightly softened. Drain and cut them  in half lengthwise. Set them aside.

2. Prepare the stir-fry sauce: mix together soy sauce, vinegar, ground white pepper, sesame oil, sugar and  water.

3. Slice the cabbage into thin julienne slices.

4. Heat the olive oil in a wok or large pan if you do not have wok, over medium heat. Add the cabbage, and turn the heat to the highest setting. Stir fry for 5 minutes until the cabbage is slightly wilted. Add the ground ginger and garlic and dried chilies if using.

5. Stir in the stir fry sauce and glass noodles. Give it a good stir to mix everything well. Turn down the heat if you feel the dish is getting burned. If too dry you can add a dash of water.

6. Serve while still warm. You can top with scallions or add Sriracha sauce for extra hotness.

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Photo: Imola Toth

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