A Rebounder Was My Best Pandemic Purchase. 5 Reasons You Must Try Bounce Workouts

July 14, 2021

A mini fitness trampoline (also called a rebounder) was by far my best purchase of the last year. When I first heard about bounce workouts, I thought they sounded fun, but I had no idea just how versatile a mini trampoline could be. Curious and wanting to incorporate more cardio into my routine, I sought out a used JumpSport fitness trampoline. When I brought it home and tried my first ever bounce routine, I was immediately hooked. I started out with a ten-minute virtual class, and even that left me with my heart pumping and endorphins rushing. I’m now able to get through thirty-minute classes without feeling like I’m going to collapse—a testament to the improved physical fitness bouncing has helped me to achieve.

Because they often involve nonstop movement, bounce classes can be intense, but in the best way—and they have so many benefits for mind and body. Here are five reasons why I encourage everyone to bounce it out!

5 Reasons Why Bounce is My Favorite Mood-Boosting Workout

Bouncing on a Trampoline is Low-Impact, High Results

Doing a low-impact workout such as bounce is a great option if high-impact exercises such as running or HIIT are too much on your joints. Even if you regularly do high-impact workouts, incorporating low-impact exercise into your routine can have added benefits such as improving alignment, balance, and strength. For someone like me who never made a habit out of running because it was hard on my knees, bounce has been a great alternative. Not to mention that bouncing is much more fun, and the enjoyment factor makes the workouts fly by.

It Can Help You Let Go and Feel all the Good Feelings

Aerobic exercise in general has been shown in studies to boost mood, but I have found that my bounce workouts give me a sense of joy like I’ve seldom experienced from any other workout. The freedom I have on the trampoline to get a little crazy and let out any pent-up emotions I have is one of the biggest draws for me. There are so many different ways to move on a trampoline, combining elements of dance, HIIT, kickboxing, aerobics, and more in fun and creative ways. If I’m not in the mood to follow a routine, I bounce it out while playing my favorite music and let my body move in whatever way it feels like. Pure joy!

5 Reasons Why Bounce is My Favorite Mood-Boosting Workout

It Helps Rid the Brain and Body of Toxins

Because jumping on a trampoline promotes lymphatic drainage, it is fantastic for flushing toxins and other waste from the body. Jumping on the trampoline causes muscle contractions, which stimulate the lymphatic system and aid lymphatic circulation. When lymphatic circulation is stagnant, toxins accumulate in the body over time and can cause issues such as thyroid imbalances, weakened immune system, poor circulation, and chronic fatigue. Rebounding is an effective way to make sure your lymph system is stimulated on a regular basis.

It Builds Strength and Endurance

According to a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, participants in a mini-trampoline rebounding exercise program saw increased muscle mass and anaerobic work capacity, decreased blood pressure, and improved lipid and glucose profiles. These results speak to how effective rebounding can be when used for cardio activity, but a trampoline can be used to do more traditional strength training as well. I have done routines that used the trampoline as a prop for doing planks, mountain climbers, tricep dips, etc. You can also do ab work while lying on the trampoline, which can be easier on your lower back than lying on the floor. There are so many ways to get creative using the trampoline to improve your physical fitness.

5 Reasons Why Bounce is My Favorite Mood-Boosting Workout

It Can Improve Coordination and Balance

The mini trampoline is a less stable and likely smaller surface than we are used to working out on, so it requires heightened balance and spatial awareness to perform movements on the trampoline. For instance, when I started doing rebounder workouts that incorporated squat jumps on the trampoline, I could barely do one successfully. It was a lot harder to stabilize myself and land in a proper squat on the trampoline than on the floor, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I might land incorrectly and fall. But with time and practice, I’ve been able to improve my form and land with confidence and strength. Practicing them on the trampoline has made doing squat jumps on a regular surface much easier for me.

5 Reasons Why Bounce is My Favorite Mood-Boosting Workout

If you’re thinking about trying bounce, you may be wondering where to get your equipment. A high-quality mini trampoline like the JumpSport can be a bit pricey, so I recommend checking out online resale marketplaces such as Letgo or OfferUp. You may find a never-used or gently used one at a huge discount. I got lucky and found out about a studio in New York that was selling some of their equipment, so I made the 90-minute trek into the city, stuffed a JumpSport fitness trampoline into my car, and have never looked back. If you aren’t ready to commit to one of the higher-end trampolines, there are many affordable off-brand options available to choose from.

I like to do my bounce classes at home through the obé fitness platform, which requires a paid membership, but there are plenty of free classes available on YouTube. Just search “bounce class,” “rebounding workout,” or “mini trampoline workout,” and the possibilities will be endless! This 90s Hits Dance Party trampoline workout is sure to get your blood pumping and add some blissful party vibes to your day! If taking an in-person class is more your style, there are plenty of gyms and fitness studios that offer bounce classes in-house.

Wherever you choose to bounce, have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously. It is a great opportunity to release stress and give yourself a boost of positive energy.

Happy bouncing!

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Photo: Mariah Solomon via Unsplash, Epickkidstoys Smith via Flickr, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline via Flickr

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