Reader Giveaway: Raw Vegan Gift Basket from Blue Mountain Organics

February 17, 2014

Blue Mountain Organics - Peaceful Dumpling Giveaway

[Update: 2/25/14: Congratulations to our Blue Mountain Giveaway winner, Jana from California!]

 It’s been a while since we had our last reader giveaway, amiright? (Congratulations to Holiday Giveaway winner Suzanne, Petitvour Giveaway winner Brianna, and Nae winner Alex!)  We’re here to announce today another exciting reader giveaway: a beguiling mix of raw vegan superfood goodies from Blue Mountain Organics!   (Contest ends next Monday, 2/24)

Click here or that beautiful poster I created above to enter the Giveaway

Basically, it’s everything you could ever want in your vegan pantry and fridge. (Blue Mountain Organics brand mission is to provide everything you need for a healthy diet–“just add fresh vegetables and fruits.”) As an expert in the field of eating vegan foods, I guarantee you will be in vegan heaven when you get a taste of their sprouted nut butters and other raw treats. Blue Mountain Organics is also a sustainability-minded, independently-owned business in the Blue Mountains of Virginia that puts love into everything they do. They really live out their philosophy of doing good for self, community, and the environment. (Check them out here).

Here is the complete list of what’s included in this veritable cornucopia of vegan treats (Retail value $250!):

Better Than Roasted almond butter 8 oz
Better Than Roasted walnut butter 8 oz
Better Than Roasted cashew butter 8 oz
The Raw Bakery pecan love bites
The Raw Bakery peace and love bites
The Raw Bakery tropical love bites
2 coco joys
kale cookie
protein cookie
4 oz coconut oil
Better Than Roasted Just For Nuts 6.5 oz
Better Than Roasted Extreme nut mix 6.5 oz
cheezy kale chips
pizza kale chips
Better Than Roasted walnuts 4 oz
Better Than Roasted cashews 6 oz
Better Than Roasted almonds 6.5 oz
Better Than Roasted sunflower seeds 7.5 oz
tomato wrap
basil wrap
curry wrap
corn crackers
sweet potato crackers
buckwheat flour 32 oz
brown rice flour 32 oz
Chocolate chocolate dipped macs
Vanilla chocolate dipped macs
simply cacao brownie
cacao walnut brownie
hemp protein powder
Love Raw Foods tahini 16 oz

Some raw vegan recipes featuring Blue Mountain Organics:

 Raw Vegan Hummingbird Cake

Raw Vegan Ravioli with Sprouted Walnut Pesto

Raw Vegan Pizza with Sprouted Nut “Cheese”

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