Reader Giveaway: Humble + Lavi Anti-Aging Essentials

July 7, 2014

Reader Giveaway: Humble + Lavi Anti-Aging Essentials

**Update: Congratulations to our winner, Nikki from Suffolk, UK!! Thank you everyone for participating 🙂

Yay– it’s giveaway time again! This time, one lucky Peaceful Dumpling will win my get-glowing nighttime essentials from cruelty-free, parabens-free skincare line Humble + Lavi. (Read my detailed review here).

1. Rose Hip Seed Purifying Foaming Cleanser

2. Triple Action Collagen Booster

3. Nourishing Night Cream

Total retail value: $99

To enter for a chance to win, all you need to do is sign up for our inspirational newsletter right here. Entry period ends Sunday, July 13 at midnight EST. And if you’re already on the list, you’re all set, no need to sign up again!


[By the way, for some bit of “Humble” bragging, here’s what some lovely, amazing readers have written to me re: newsletters.

-I subscribe to (and delete a lot of) emails, but I always seem to be opening your mail. Thanks and really great work!

-I am so thankful that I signed up for your daily newsletter. They calm and ground me no matter my mood.

-OMG girl  i love you!!! what an excellent  way to say what I feel and didn’t know it. xoxoxo

-Your quotes make me feel warm, thank you <3 

So just do it! 😀 Thank you for entering!]


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