Reader Giveaway: DF Mavens Ice Cream!

May 2, 2014

Reader Giveaway: DF Mavens

It’s time for another reader giveaway! To me, ice cream evokes memories of summer vacation, grass, balmy nights walking to the ice cream shop with friends. It’s more than just a dessert, it’s an experience–which is why, since I became vegan, re-creating that same experience became a bit more challenging. Soon after I became vegan, I had my best friend over for a sleepover, and proudly presented a pint of vegan ice cream–which she promptly declared “tastes different.” And getting a sorbetto when everyone else is getting an ice cream just doesn’t cut it, amiright?

This why I fell in love with DF Mavens line of non-dairy ice cream. Unlike many vegan ice cream brands I’ve tried, DF Mavens is so creamy, smooth, and rich–and are made without dairy, gluten, or preservatives. Their flavors are so inventive and distinct, too: Peanut Butter Fudge Mash, New Orleans Salted Praline, Mint Almond Cookie, Sicilian Hazelnut Truffle… Not to mention my 2 faves: Del Lago Chocolate and Alfonso Mango.

Reader Giveaway: DF Mavens Ice Cream

DF Mavens sells at natural stores and select Whole Foods locations in the Northeast, as well as at their online store.  If you’re in the area, be sure to check for their upcoming ice cream shop opening in East Village, NYC (2nd Ave and St. Marks). And now, one lucky Peaceful Dumpling reader  will win a set of DF Mavens ice cream just by entering your email address and signing up for our newsletter!* (

Contest ends next Wednesday at midnight, EST. Thank you for your support!!

xoxo Peaceful Dumpling

Reader Giveaway: DF Mavens Vegan Ice Cream

  • *All the previous subscribers will be automatically entered for this contest. No need to re-submit! **We will notify the winner via email. ***Because of the nature of the prize, we will only be able to ship to a domestic address. Thank you for your understanding.

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