Quirky Australian Accessory Brands to Keep on Your Radar

September 16, 2015
Quirky Australian Accessory Brands to Watch

Aussie style? Bold, colorful, quirky.

Since (temporarily) moving to Melbourne about 2 months ago, my fashion radar has been on high alert. Melburnanians (and many Australians in general) have a distinctly eclectic style that others could only dream of pulling off. There’s a lot of high and low mixing, bright pops of color, and general fearlessness.

Accessories are an easy way to incorporate some Aussie flair into your wardrobe, wherever you are. They are also generally more cost-effective additions than new articles of clothing (especially if you’re shipping your finds back to the States).

These brands are just a few of many I’ve discovered in my time here, but they caught my eye more than any others. They’re all locally designed (and mostly made in Australia, as well). Check them out for yourself and see what you think!

Hanako K


Designer Hanako K moved to Australia from Japan as a child. At just 14, she started making jewelry and other handicrafts. While many items, like the one above, are made with polymer clay, she also uses other mediums to create interesting texture and aesthetic. All her items are completely handmade in her own home (not to mention totally adorable). If you like sweet pearl and stone detailing and a soft pastel palette, then this is the brand for you.

Eat Me Do

This brand, created by Lara Ivachev, is a foodie’s dream. All her designs are inspired by nibbles, mostly sweet and some savory. She describes her style as “kawaii,” with “mountains of love and color.” You can find everything from cookie necklaces to Pocky pencils to a clutch that looks like a pack of gummies.

From the Hip


This company markets itself to “modern consumers.” Its specialty is enamel pins with pop-cultural references. The first on the left (above) is a replica of the cool sign from Melbourne vegan restaurant Smith & Daughters (a must-visit if you’re ever in the area). Center is an homage to “Chili Philly,” a local artist with a knack for outrageous crochet work. And on the right is the iconic Anthora cup that most of you probably know and love. There are tons of other designs, to fit nearly any taste.




This company is based in Sydney, and certainly has the city’s vibrant, beachy vibe going on. It’s pom-pom keychains and jewellery sets make the perfect gift (for yourself or someone else). You can even grab a gift tag to accompany it! The best thing about the company is that its products are suitable for fans of all ages.

Holly Leanardson


I first discovered Holly through her Instagram, which I highly recommend you stalk. I’m inspired by her page’s thoughtful curation and sparkly visage on a daily basis. Her unique jewelry has a sense of whimsy that will send you back to days of melted plastic crafts and strung bead necklaces. If you relish little bits and baubles, you’ll love Holly’s work.

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Photo: eat.me.do (top); rest, courtesy each brand

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