10 Must-Have Products For Environmentalists Who Love To Self-Care

February 8, 2022

Can the worlds of sustainability and self-care collide? I believe they can. Innovative and environment-focused brands have created so many incredible products that bring planetary health and personal health together in beautiful ways. Here are my top 10 favorite sustainable products to take care of yourself while taking care of the planet, too!

1. Dieux Forever Eye Masks

reusable eye mask
These reusable silicone eye patches are a game-changer. Dieux describes these as “the last eye mask you’ll ever need,” and boy are they not wrong. I’ve been using them for almost two years; they work wonders and they hold up well.
You’ll never need to throw away those expensive, single-use eye masks again.

2. Versed Reusable Cotton Pads

reusable cotton pads
These reusable cotton pads are the ultimate alternative to single-use cotton pads. These cotton pads are the perfect size and shape and are made from a cotton-bamboo mixture, making them really gentle, yet durable. And as a bonus, they come with a handy little mesh bag to throw them in the laundry so you can use them again and again. No unnecessary waste to see here!

3. Osea Undaria Algae Oil

Osea algae oil

This seaweed-infused body oil from Osea is an absolute dream. It’s is a cult favorite for a reason: it’s clean, cruelty-free, nourishing, gives a gorgeous glow, and comes in a pretty glass bottle. This carbon-neutral company seeks to reduce its environmental footprint in every way possible, from responsibly sourcing ingredients to their mindful, low-waste packaging. This is a company, my fellow Earth-lover, that you can feel great about supporting.

4. NakedSwab Reusable Q-Tips

reusable q tips

Did you know that 1.5 million cotton swabs are produced every single day?! They’re manufactured, packaged, shipped, and after only one use they immediately end up… in the trash. But have no fear—reusables are here. NakedSwab’s reusable q-tips come in a pack of two, with different sides for different uses, whether it’s removing makeup, cleaning your ears, or even painting your nails. Just wash with soap and water after each use and—you know the drill—use them over and over again.

5. SuperGoop Sunscreen

Supergoop sunscreen

SuperGoop’s Cloud 9 Mineral Sun Balm is a holy grail product. It’s packaged in a tin (plastic who?) and is so easy to take on the go and re-apply throughout the day.

6. Pansy Co. Compostable Scrunchies

compostable scrunchies

These compostable scrunchies from Pansy Co. are adorable. They’re made from organic cotton and come in a wide range of colors, and what’s truly amazing about them is they’re made from the scraps of their other garments. Talk about no waste! Tie your hair up while you do your skincare routine or go for a walk, and know that your hair is being supported by nothing but natural fibers that come from the earth and that will one day return to the earth. We love a full-circle moment.

7. Bite Teeth Whitening Gel

natural teeth whitening gel

Bite has the first and only plastic-free teeth whitening system! This whitening gel is not only sustainable, made with clean ingredients, and affordable—it’s also incredibly effective! The best of all worlds here in this little bottle.

8. Ethique Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

shampoo and conditioner bars

Hear me out: shampoo and conditioner… but in bar form. This may not be a novel concept to you, but if you’ve never heard of Ethique in particular, then I’m honored to introduce you to such a cool company. Ethique’s Tame Those Locks Shampoo and Conditioner Set is 100% plastic-free, 100% natural, and 100% amazing. Switching to bars does take some
getting used to, but ditching plastic in such an essential part of your self-care routine is a great feeling.

9. Package Free Bamboo Hair Brush

package free bamboo hair brush
Package Free Shop’s bamboo hairbrush is a thing of beauty. Made from bamboo and natural rubber, this brush is fully compostable and looks really great sitting on your shelf. Bamboo hair brushes are much gentler on the scalp than plastic brushes. They reduce frizz, promote hair growth, and, of course, are much more eco-friendly.

10. Buju Plastic-Free Eye Balm

plastic-free eye balm
Buju’s natural eye balm is a super effective product with completely compostable and biodegradable packaging—a major win-win. This has become a go-to for de-puffing my under-eye area, and also for my lips and hands.

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Photo: Dieux Skin; Versed Skin; Osea Malibu; NakedSwab; SuperGoop, Pansy; Bite; Ethique; Package Free Shop; Buju Skin


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