4 Prettiest Eco Clothing Brands We're Obsessed About

February 24, 2015
Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Amour Vert eco-friendly ensemble.

 4 Gorgeous Eco Clothing Brands we’re currently obsessed about!

As a girl who is used to getting her clothes from the sale rack or refashioning her boyfriend’s giant shirts and sweaters, I’ve always been intrigued by luxe indie fashion lines—especially when they have an earth-friendly focus. Such clothing is aspirational—for both creator and buyer.

For me, it represents where I’d like to be—sartorially, at least; since my childhood, I yearned for a little glamour, and I admit, that yearning has never left! But glamour and eco-consciousness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Below are a few brands that marry these values, embracing a feminine aesthetic while making efforts to create truly sustainable clothing lines.


Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Design unknown.

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Design “03” from Spring/Summer 2014

Svilu is your go-to eco line for comfortable clothes with a bohemian touch. Their soft palettes, airy silhouettes, and romantic details complement the spirit of the coming season.

The company uses locally-produced, organic materials, including organic cotton, tencel (made from the pulp of the eucalyptus tree), modal (made from the pulp of beech trees), and bemberg/cupro (made from the linter of cotton balls).

In 2013, Svilu won the CFDA/Lexus Eco Fashion Challenge, which celebrates their commitment to researching sustainable production methods and minimizing fabric waste.

 Mina + Olya

 Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Elika Crop Top, Elika Pleated Skirt; Norma Blouse, Elika Shorts

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Sleeveless Duster Trench Coat; Tula Circle Skirt with Box Pleats; Slimleg Denim Jumper

To be honest, I haven’t been able to find any information about Mina + Olya’s Spring/Summer 2015 line (their latest collection is Fall/Winter 2014). I hope this doesn’t mean that they’re not producing anymore. Nonetheless, I wanted to share a few of their designs because I adore their aesthetic and their mission:

“Our sustainable line strives to offer structured silhouettes with classic yet edgy elegance to the working woman with a downtown edge.”

Mina + Olya was founded in 2011 by Mina Yazdi and Olya Dzilikhora. The two designers blend their cultural backgrounds (Iranian and Russian) to create a rich aesthetic of bold colors and daring patterns.

Their materials are processed in the U.S. Mina + Olya uses hemp fabric, which is sustainable, breathable, durable, and soft, as well as organic cotton. (Note: the line is not 100% vegan since silk makes an appearance in some designs.)

Amour Vert

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Amour Vert storefront in San Francisco, CA

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Gabby Dress

Through its designs, Amour Vert (French for “green love”) captures a flirty, nautical vibe. And if their free-spirited clothing weren’t enough, the brand has partnered with American Forests and is committed to planting 100,000 trees in North America by the end of 2015 as part of the line’s Buy a Tee, Plant a T(r)ee program.

Amour Vert is governed by a zero-waste philosophy and produces its whimsical clothing with sustainable materials and low-impact dyes.

Feral Childe

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Poms Long Shirtdress in Giant Poms Print (Medium Is The Message Collection)

Four Feminine Eco Clothing Brands to Know | Peaceful Dumpling

Toklas Top in Chain Print and Jean Valjean; Tolstoy Tunic (Infinite Librarian Collection)

Feral Childe is the product of bi-coastal designers Moriah Carlson (NY) and Alice Wu (CA). The label prides itself on its “absurdist” accessories and “wry” construction details—as well as its strides towards sustainability.

Feral Childe is manufactured in New York City’s Garment Center. The brand relies on natural fibers, up-cycled materials (like recycled soda bottles), and reclaimed overstock fabrics. The company is also committed to sustainable fabric waste management and offers leftover fabrics to other independent designers and textile recycling centers.

Feral Childe has gained international recognition for it’s forward-thinking, artistic take on women’s fashion.

 Now, who else wants to be an “Infinite Librarian”?

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Photos: Amour Vert, Svilu, Mina + Olya, Feral Childe

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