25 Ways To Lean Into Your Sensuality & Feel In Love With Your Life Again

July 5, 2019

Do you want to be powerful?

Power is beautiful and life changing. But only when we cultivate the right type. We can use power as a force of destruction—or for a force of dazzling self-creation.

There is a form of loving, strong power that wells up from deep inside of us. It offers us an indestructible sense of self, an innate and unshakeable sense of purpose.

Personal power is the force that will change your life.

We rarely talk about power and inner strength in society—which means that we often overlook the immense importance of these factors in our own, inner worlds.

When we lack personal power, we give our value, time and self-image to the hands of others. This is profoundly dis-empowering, and we end up living at odds with our true selves and never fully embracing the magnificence of our lives (however grand or humble outward appearances may be).

Do you want to step forth in the world with ease, grace and love?

I have a trick for you—and you’re going to adore it.

My trick for cultivating personal power

A few days ago, I found myself stressed out about work, panicked about life and plagued with self-doubt. Everything that goes against how I choose to live my life.

And that’s okay. It happens. The trick is regaining control in the most reaffirming, inspiring and uplifting way.

So what do I do to cultivate inner strength and stand tall and in a state of bliss once again?

I become a sensual being. I prioritize self-care. Not as an after thought. Not as an add on. This becomes a focus; a way of living.

I call this sensual power.

At its core, it’s an understanding of what the world is really offering us: soulful beauty, self-respect and love. We are given these simply because we exist within the world. We just have to choose them. We have to seek them out.

Whatever strikes you as the most significant—whether it’s how you dress, immersing yourself in nature, nurturing your physical body, or creating a beautiful living space.

What gives your life meaning that you’re not currently spending time on? What makes you feel like the best version of yourself? What grounds you when you’re feeling stressed?

Do these, and watch your problems melt away.

To the outside, these focuses may look frivolous (and why they can be so easily overlooked). They are far from it. You are cultivating beautiful experiences and letting the world know what really matters to you. After a stressful day, sensual power rewires your mindset to a blissful space of creativity and love.

From here, you create a butterfly effect of changes in your life.

So dive into life’s pleasures, like a bath filled with rose petals after a long day or a hot spring in the mid-January air. You need this. Connect with life in this way, and you will always have a place of strength to return to. Connect and watch your life blossom.

You’ve got this.

What isn’t sensual power?

Sensuality isn’t over-indulging. Self-care isn’t selfishness. You cannot be sensual and overindulge or you destroy the joy and pleasure (have you ever eaten an entire box of chocolates? Did it make you feel good? No! But savoring just the right amount of chocolate transports you into a sensory world of bliss).

Self-care isn’t selfish—otherwise it would be a destructive force in your life. It’s not putting yourself before others at a cost—it’s honoring yourself, going above and beyond what you need to feel ‘okay’ as you make your way through life.

25 Ideas for cultivating sensual power in your own life

Dress in your most inspired pieces.
Consume everything with care.
Quality over quantity, always.

Create the art you’re aching to create.
Brew fresh, strong coffee.
Hug someone you love.
Immerse yourself in nature at every opportunity you get: go to the woods, the mountains, the sea. Breathe the air in.
Tidy your room. Decorate it with fresh, summer flowers.
Sleep in clean, luxuriant sheets.
Go outside.
Walk in the ocean under the summer sun, and feel your feet sink into sand.

Pretend you live in a glamorous French film, or an Italian novel.
Dance, dance every feeling out of you and through your body; dance by yourself, at night, listening to music, or in the open with the soft breeze on your skin.
Fall in love.
Eat a plate of sweet berries.
Lounge in a silky robe at golden hour.
Eat some dark, smooth chocolate.
Read a poem.
Write one.
Light some candles.
Wear lace lingerie.
Look out your window and watch the sunset.
Say hi to the moon; bathe in the light.
Let it all become you.

Pleasure is power. Self-care is power. Love is power. You get to choose how and where you direct your energy. You get to operate from a space of cultivated bliss from which to step forward into the world.

Don’t just stop and smell the roses. Go out of your way every day to immerse yourself in them.

Life is beautiful, and, as long as you have that, everything is going to be okay.

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Photo: Phoebe Nicholson

Phoebe Nicholson is a wellness writer with a Master of Public Health from Dorset, England. She is inspired by plant-based food, minimalism and slow living and seeks to help others see the beauty in the world. Follow Phoebe on Instagram @i.feel.wonderful.


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