Portion Sizes: See What 200 Calories Really Look Like

August 12, 2013

Do you know your portion sizes? I do…or thought I did. But this photo project from Wisegeek may still surprise you, even if you theoretically know that one serving of peanut butter is about 190 calories, I bet this still looks a lot smaller than the “golf ball” you imagine.

calories in peanut butter wisegeek

Now compare this to the amount of grapes you can get for 200 calories. I bet it’s a lot more than you thought, especially since grapes are among the most sugary fruits! Sweet!

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calories in grapes wisegeek

And compare that to how much celery you would need to eat to get 200 calories. I feel like one can’t possibly eat that much celery in a week.


What’s amazingly consistent is the fact that all sugary/starchy carbs are 200 calories per 2 oz serving (55 g or so). Flour, brown sugar, corn meal, dry pasta, puffed wheat and rice cereals, pretzels, and even glazed donut and blackberry pie are roughly the same calories by weight. I find this really helpful because I use the food scale whenever I cook pasta, and 2-2.5 oz of carbs per person is just right, especially when balanced out with vegetables and beans. And since you are far more likely to combine pasta with filling veggies and legumes than say, rice crispies or pretzels, pasta is not such a bad choice as long as you keep to your 200 calories.

See the complete photo gallery here.

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Photo: L.S. Wynn/ Wisegeek


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