Plyometrics - the Secret to a Lean, Mean, Russian Track Star Body

July 18, 2013

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In the 1980s, an American runner named Fred Wilt observed a very different training method in the rival Soviet track and field team. He noticed that the Russians used a sort of jump training where a contraction was followed by a maximum extension in an explosive way. Wilt credited the Russians’ success with this special method–and the word plyometrics was born. Today, plyometrics is more popular than ever, and these moves–combining calorie-torching cardio with the toning benefits of weight lifting–are perfect for incorporating into your High Intensity Interval Training–and transforming your body into that lean, mean, Russian machine.

Total work out time: 45 minutes

Begin by running 2 laps around the track. Do 25 jumping jacks, 20 mountain climbers, 10 push ups, and 1 lap, after each exercise.

1. Frog Leaps- start by squatting low, with your butt almost between your feet. Jump up and forward, reaching your arms into the air in front of you, like a frog. Repeat 20 times. Frog leap back to your original spot.

2. Box jump– stand with your feet together. Squat, then jump as far as possible to the front, landing with your feet together. Squat, then jump as far as possible to your right. Repeat to your back, and then to your left. You’ve just made a box–repeat 4 times in the same clockwise direction, then switch directions.

3. Lunge jumps– start in lunge position with your right foot front. Jump explosively, switching your front and back foot in the air, and landing with the left foot in front. Repeat 20 times.

4. Burpees– start by squatting low. Put your hand on the ground and change into plank position. Do a push up, then quickly go back to squatting position. From there, jump explosively with your arms reaching high over your head, then land in the starting squat. Do 20 reps.





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