Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

August 29, 2016

You’ve just signed up for a Kundalini yoga class, but you’re more of a Vinyasa yogi—what on earth will you wear!? Okay, this is kind of a silly question. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, of course 🙂 Given that yoga has so many iterations, however, you may feel inclined to dress a bit differently for certain styles to maximize your comfort level. Here’s a brief guide for how to dress for some of the most popular styles of yoga.

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

Ashtanga Yoga

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

Green Apple Bamboo Sport Capri*

Ashtanga Yoga follows a specific sequence of asanas determined by which Ashtanga series you’re practicing. Because you can look these series up before heading to the studio, you can get a sense of what you may need to wear. Would you be at risk of slipping from some of the poses if you were wearing shorts versus standard, non-cotton yoga pants? If your series will have you going upside down (i.e. practicing inversions), consider wearing a top that won’t fall over your face and block your vision!   

Bikram/Hot Yoga

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

Cozy Orange Cardiff Crops*

Because the temp in a Bikram yoga will be pretty warm, you’re likely to start sweating shortly into the practice. To avoid excessive sweating and feeling weighed down by your clothing, opt for lightweight, sweat-wicking activewear. Avoid cotton if possible, and to the extent that you’re comfortable and it’s appropriate, bare a little skin! Doing so will help you stay cooler and avoid the risk of dehydration from excessive sweating. You may also find it helpful to pack a microfiber towel with you to absorb sweat on your mat/prevent it from becoming too slippery.

Kundalini Yoga

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

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With its strong emphasis on meditation and free movement, you may find yourself wanting to wear, soft, flowing clothing to match the mood of the practice. Consider wearing clothing that inspiring your spiritual practice or incorporates your favorite spiritual symbols. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

Anjali Ferocity Leggings*

You can’t always predict what kind of practice you’re walking into when you attend a vinyasa class—which is part of the fun! There’s a good chance that you’ll be doing a few sun salutations or “vinyasa flows,” however, so build your outfit around what you’re most comfortable in while doing sun salutations. You may also consider bringing an extra layer in case the class begins or ends with a slower, meditative practice and you find yourself feeling a bit cool. 

Restorative Yoga

Peaceful Practice: What to Wear to Every Yoga Class

Spiritual Gangster Namaste All Day Sweater (I suggest wearing pants with this sweater, hehe.)

Restorative yoga typically involves slow, gentle asanas. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable stretching in. Because you’re unlikely to be building up a lot of heat, light cotton layers may feel the most comfortable for you. Consider selecting pieces that inspire your sense of inner healing.

*Eco-friendly brand


This list of yoga styles and yoga clothing options is by no means exhaustive, but I hope it serves as a reminder that you can tailor your workout wardrobe to suit your favorite yoga style and make the practice all the more enjoyable 😉

What’s your favorite kind of yoga class? And what yoga clothes do you recommend for that style?

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