Peaceful Moon: New Moon in Libra for Inner Peace

October 9, 2015

Greg Diesel Walck - Wonder Moon from Storybook - Peaceful Moon

The moon renews on Monday, October 12, in Libra around 8 pm, EDT. Ruled by Venus, Libra is a sign of peace, love, beauty, the arts, accord, relationships, partnerships and affiliations. Although Aquarius, a sister air sign, often is identified with peace and love, it’s Libra that truly deserves that claim.

Therefore, this Peaceful Moon is truly that – we’re celebrating a peaceful moon. The Libra new moon is about peace, balance, harmony in relationships, harmony with the universe at its highest expression. That’s the ideal.

But we’ve probably all known feisty Libras. After all, Libra is a cardinal sign – a sign that follows an equinox or solstice – and that means active determination, enthusiastic persuasion. Sometimes the deeply felt desire for equity is expressed as activism and pacifism, becoming a peaceful warrior – which is partially the intent of engaging in warrior poses in yoga.

It’s no accident that these energetic, talented Libra musicians also are known for their sincere efforts on behalf of social justice, and for their publicly avowed love and respect for their second wives: John Lennon (moon in Aquarius), Bruce Springsteen (moon in Libra, born under a new moon), and Sting (moon in Libra, born under a new moon).

Their inspirational songs “Give Peace a Chance,” “The Rising,” and “Fragile” express their commitment to political and personal peace and love. The great, influential leader of peace, tolerance and nonviolent political change, Mahatma Gandhi too was Libra (moon in Leo).

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Libra is the only astrological sign that doesn’t depict a being — an animal (e.g., ram, bull, crab, lion), divinity (e.g., Virgoean maiden goddess), or liminal creature (e.g., Sagittarian centaur). Libra’s symbol is scales, used to weigh and measure. Libra’s balance is an abstraction or ideal of equality, drawn from life on earth, created long after the mythologically-based zodiacal signs.

The Romans carved out a place for the sign between Virgo and Scorpio, at the equinox. They gave what had been an asterism (like Orion’s Belt or the Big and Little Dippers) the status of a constellation, naming it for their equivalent of a pound weight. Libra was intended to depict the impartiality and equality of Roman justice, inspired by the equal days and nights of the autumn equinox.

From its inception, Libra was tied to judgment, government, the political will that established a Pax Romana of civilized coexistence or at least truce. Hence there is the cardinal feistiness of Libra that may fight for peace. Libra is quick to complain if things seem unfair, constantly weighing and evaluating the small to large injustices of everyday life.

Therefore, this peaceful new moon isn’t necessarily placid or passive, or avoids conflict. It actively seeks peace, love, beauty, symmetry. Since the moon phase takes place in Libra, relationships are emphasized. It’s the yin and yang of the balance between autonomy and partnership, the tension between self-assertion and cooperation.

But as with all new moons, it’s a wonderful time to renew — to chill out, separate the immediate from the important, and check in with yourself. Take some me time with yoga, meditation, at the spa, in nature. Press the reset button to consider where you’re headed. What do you wish to accomplish during this next moon cycle (or month)?

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The weekend before the new moon reveals other astronomical and astrological forces at work. If you’re up before dawn and the sky is clear, look toward the east to see Venus shining brightly. She is just ahead of Mars and Jupiter. In the early morning, the waning crescent moon travels beside the planetary trio of Venus, Mars and Jupiter from Thursday through Saturday, October 8-10.

On Saturday, October 17, Mars and Jupiter are closely conjunct in Virgo (astronomically in Leo). This rare conjunction of Mars and Jupiter hasn’t happened since July 2013 and won’t recur until January 2018. The trio of planets continues to shift positions. Toward the end of the month, they form an even more rare triple conjunction. That takes place around the time of the full Hunter’s Moon that will be discussed in the next Peaceful Moon.

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In terms of astrology, the new moon chart shows a close alignment of the sun and moon in Libra, and the three conjunct planets of Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo. Also, Mercury in Libra (no longer in retrograde!) is tightly sextile Saturn.

The Libra desire for peace and balance likely will hit a few snags caused by Uranus, the planet that delights in shaking things up – but hopefully for the better, to clear out the stagnant air. Uranus tests bonds to see whether they’re based on genuine compatibility, or whether it’s stale familiarity and comfortable routine.

Venus, ruler of Libra, and Mercury, ruler of Virgo, are in mutual reception, reinforcing each other. Venus has the power of Mars and Jupiter by her side. Venus will do what is necessary to keep together the family (by birth, blended or chosen).

The square between Venus and Saturn means that this is a favorable time for domestic accord, showing backbone and service to relationships (combining Virgo and Libra with the effort required by a square). Mars, Jupiter and Pluto play well together in the earth signs, if inclined to get excited and fling the mud around from time to time. As far as Mercury goes, it’s finally playing along and not causing problems, not going rogue retrograde again in 2015.

Altogether, the emphasis is on holding down the fort on relationships. It’s more about maintaining the peaceful status quo, rather than facing forks in the road – although there is that unsettling Uranian influence for some spice that soon fades.

Later this month Venus and Mars form a conjunction for the third and last time in 2015. That’s when there is more likelihood of disruption and/or new romantic possibilities. But that discussion is reserved for the next Peaceful Moon with the full Hunter’s Moon and supermoon in late October.


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Iconic Photo of John Lennon by Bob Gruen (1974) -- Peaceful Moon

Secrets of the Sphinx Yoga, Tip #4: A Peaceful Moon for Inner Peace

Let’s sit down on our yoga mats to channel the subdued new moon energy. Take time out from the physical and turn the Libra gaze within for inner peace. No salutations. No balance poses.  No warriors. Let’s ease tension, attachment and feeling the need to carry the world on the shoulders. Let’s “give peace a chance.”

Your time on the yoga mat is me time, your sanctuary, your renewal. You don’t have to compete. There is nothing to prove. You don’t have to seek approval. There is no one else present. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Close your eyes. Still your body and mind. Focus on the breath. Let it go.

Take 5 minutes, working up to 15 minutes. If you want to meditate, fine. But don’t worry about it. Be quiet and let yourself slow down. Listen to your natural rhythms. Go to your peaceful place within.

Try to make this a regular practice. By tapping your inner bliss, you radiate the beauty of universal harmony. You give peace a chance, finding serenity inside you, the healing energy of lovely lunar Libra. Private sanctuary becomes public expression. Peace on earth. Namaste.

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Peaceful Moon returns with the full Hunter’s Moon and supermoon before Halloween — with the sun in Scorpio, moon in Taurus. Read sneak previews of Moonday, which is posted on Monday mornings, in the Sunday PD newsletter.



Photo: Greg Diesel Walck, “Wonder Moon” (April 23, 2013), morning moonset during sunrise in rural NC; iconic John Lennon photo, original portrait by the Statue of Liberty (1974) by Bob Gruen.

A lifelong skygazer, the Sphinx learned astrology from her grandmother and private teachers. She later had a consultation practice and weekly astrological column in NYC, where she became deeply immersed in the work of C.G. Jung. She earned a doctorate in journalism, and has been a communications and gender/multiculturalism professor at some of the leading universities in the U.S., as well as a freelance writer and PR/marketing consultant. Her yoga studies began at Dharma Mittra’s first studio in NYC over 30 years ago. Bringing things full circle, after exposure to most of the leading styles, she is finishing up yoga teacher training with an emphasis on the Dharma approach at Spa Walden, located outside Cleveland, OH. Peaceful Moon is published bimonthly, at the new and full moons, on Peaceful Dumpling. Moonday is published on Monday mornings on Facebook and Twitter.


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