PD Editor's Wishlist Of Sustainable Vegan Gifts For The Holidays

November 18, 2022

Holidays are just around the corner! I always get excited about the chance to give lovely, eco, and luxurious gifts that my loved ones might not get for themselves. And not going to lie—sometimes I sweeten the deal for myself by splurging on a couple things for me, too. Without further ado, here are some gift suggestions that are sustainable and vegan.

Paravel Cosmetic Case with All Vegan Leather Trim, $95

Did I manifest this Paravel x NetSustain cosmetic case out of my dreams?? I have been traveling with the same ratty Ziplock bag as my cosmetics bag for years. It’s getting little holes in them—and while there’s something to be said for staying minimalist and not buying things unless I have to, the Ziplock bag doesn’t exactly help me stay organized. Its job is just to get me from A to B (and through the airport security)! This is where a beautiful, long-lasting cosmetics case comes in useful. It’s a bit spendy for me but I would not mind at all if someone got it for me, hint hint.

Mianqa Apple Leather Faux Fur Bag, $189

This adorable bag is made of patented Italian apple leather called Frumat. You can wear it as a crossbody or a shoulder bag, and the faux fur adds a luxurious touch. (It’s like your bag is wearing a coat!)

Veja V10 Organic Cotton & Vegan Leather Sneakers in White Matcha, $175

I’ve been a big fan of Veja for a few years now. My classic sneakers are wearing well, and these sporty ones would be a great complement. With thicker soles and ventilation panels, these would be perfect for running around town in chic comfort.

Mara Hoffman Organic Cotton Blend Sweater, $325 $162.50

I’ve had my eyes on this beauty for a long time, and it looks like it’s finally on sale. It’s so hard to find a non-wool sweater that’s got all the bells and whistles, and this one delivers: organic cotton blend, vegan, statement sleeves, slide-slimming princess seams. Mara Hoffman has been making its collections sustainably before that was considered cool. Every Mara Hoffman piece I own has withstood the test of time and gotten hundreds of wears. If no one gets this for me as a gift, I might bite the bullet and get it for myself! (Or for Mom. Can’t forget about Mom.)

Gatherall Bra, $68

So this is something that’s a bit unusual for a holiday list, but I actually think it’s perfect for the party dress season. I tried Gatherall for the first time a month ago when I was dressing up a lot for work, and it was a revelation. Seriously, how have I lived up until my mid-thirties without this backless strapless bra? It lifts and flatters your breasts like nothing else I’ve tried—basically makes all the bad strapless bras I’ve tried to wear look like a joke. It’s a push-up bra without the padding and feels so natural, I forgot I was wearing anything. This is a big plus for me because I hate bra shoulder straps sliding down a hundred times a day—so annoying! Gatherall Bra is reusable up to thirty times and it’s a great gift for all your girl friends who have to see the light of day. (Ugh still so upset about that wedding in 2015—the green dress I wore would’ve been 100x more effective had I had this contraption!)

Quinn by Q for Quinn Undyed Organic Socks 3 pairs, $61

These organic cotton socks were produced using no dyes whatsoever, making them healthy for even the most sensitive skins and of course, the planet. This really begs the question—do we really even need to dye any socks? Aren’t they hiding inside shoes most of the time, anyway? I find that I forget about socks from May until October and then can’t live without them the rest of the time. Put these in stockings for your friends with cold feet.

Goest Perfumes Pablo Candle, $78

I am a bit of a candle connoisseur. My go-to candle line is Tatine, and I’ve tried many of their moody, romantic scents including House of Spirits, Temple of Leaves, Fig, Pine (given as a gift), and so on. I probably go through at least 3 a season ($44–$49 each). These smell wonderful and come in a classy dark glass, and most of all, burn super clean. (Diptyque burns like coal. So weird.)

But, but! My all-time favorite perfume is Goest Perfumes Pablo (amaretto liqueur, fresh plaster, oil paints), which I’ve only received in the small size as a gift. This is a really special candle indeed. I’ve also tried their Citadelle (smell of washed marble!!) but just trust me and try Pablo. It’s a bit expensive but I still can’t get the smell out of my mind, all these years later. If you want a similarly luxe but slightly more affordable option, try their perfume samples kit that is only $32.

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