Organic Skin Care Lines: Simple Soul Review and Giveaway

March 14, 2016

Organic Skin Care Lines: Simple Soul Review & Giveaway

Gorgeous organic skin care line Simple Soul review

Since I started Peaceful Dumpling over two and a half years ago, my approach to beauty has had few major changes. First, I became aware of the concept of green beauty. Though I’d already been vegan for 7 years at that point, I hadn’t realized that conscious lifestyle extends to my skincare and makeup as well. It was our Beauty Editor Mary’s articles that enlightened me, step by step. I got rid of my “luxury” conventional skincare products and started beauty shopping mostly at natural food stores. But there are many permutations under the umbrella term green beauty: I strive for cruelty-free first, and then toxin-free and vegan next, followed by “edible-grade” natural.

The second change to my beauty approach has been that…I simply became older! I can’t help but notice that my skin doesn’t just magically sustain itself anymore. I even remember writing on PD circa 2014 that I don’t use an eye cream because it’s not necessary. Well, let’s just say that an eye cream is very much needed now.

Because of these two changes, I’m always on the look out for cruelty-free, organic skin care lines that are also effective and perhaps even a pleasure to use. And that’s exactly how I would describe Simple Soul, all-natural skin care line for face and body, founded by Zara Jiles. Everything here is completely natural (food grade), yet also luxurious–which is important to me, because my twice a day toilette is the only bit of time I have for myself. I’ve been feeling pampered from using Simple Soul every morning and night, these past few weeks.

Charcoal Skin Cleanser, $14

This Castile soap and activated charcoal based cleanser feels smooth and lathers well on the skin. I massage it onto my face in circular motion for about 30 seconds and it melts away makeup (including waterproof mascara) very effectively. The best part of this cleanser has been that it shrinks enlarged pores around my nose better than any other cleanser I’ve used in recent memory. After washing, my face feels super smooth and squeaky clean but not overly dry. I think this would work for any type of skin, especially if you move on straight to the toner stage, as I do, in order to rehydrate the skin.

Ingredients: Castile Soap, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Activated Charcoal*, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Argon Oil*, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil

Restore Clay Mask, $14

Organic Skin Care Lines: Simple Soul Review & Giveaway

This mask with bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, and activated charcoal, comes in dry form which makes it easy for you to customize your own blend. I’ve been a fan of clay- and charcoal-based masks for a while now, and this one didn’t disappoint. When my skin needs a deep clarifying boost, which can be anywhere from once a week to once every 2-3 days, I put this mask on for about 15 minutes, let it dry, and wash it off. Sometimes I even put it on in the shower when I’m really pressed for time, let it sit while I wash other parts of my body, then rinse it off at the end–and this works really well too.

Detox Bath Salt

This bath salt is an amazing treat at the end of a long week. Simply composed of salt, baking soda, activated charcoal, and rosemary and lemon essential oils, it’s incredibly detoxifying and soothing for tired and achy muscles and joints. After long hours sitting and working, my lower legs get swollen from poor circulation, and a soak in the tub with this bath salt has worked wonders.

Lavender Lemongrass Whole Body Oil, $12

One of my favorites of this whole collection! I’m super lazy when it comes to body moisturizing…as in, I just don’t do it. Sometimes, whole months go by when I don’t body moisturize…oh, the horror! Not a little part of it is that I just don’t have the patience to slather lotion on my legs and wait for it to dry before I put on my pants for the day. Does that resonate with anyone else?!

But this grape seed-based body oil has changed everything for me! First, it comes in a spray bottle, which makes it super convenient to mist your body right after you get out of the shower. Then all you need to do is lightly pat it down, which takes all of 2 seconds. It’s very quickly absorbing, and smells like you’re in your own spa–so indulgent even on a weekday morning. I also put it on before bed when I’m craving something that smells soothing and uplifting. Now I find it hard *not* to put this on morning and night.

Green Tea Night Moisturizer for Face and Body, $12

This rich moisturizer smells so fresh and delicious, thanks to green tea (brightening), lavender (calming), and rosemary. Its base is coconut oil, and also contains apricot kernel oil (nourishing), primrose oil (balancing), argon oil, Vitamin E (anti-aging), and tea tree oil (blemish-fighting). Since coconut oil is too thick for my blemish-prone skin type, I’ve been using this on my body with the same relish I have with the whole body oil. One of my favorite new nightly rituals is rubbing this moisturizer into my tired calves, which makes them feel all tingly and refreshed! I swear you can feel immediately how this helps restore the blood flow and reduces muscle fatigue, as well as lifting your mood.

Organic Skin Care Lines: Simple Soul Review & Giveaway

Clockwise from top left: whole body oil, green tea moisturizer, clay mask

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Organic Skin Care Lines: Simple Soul Review & Giveaway

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