One Completely Free Thing Liv Tyler Swears By For Luminous Skin

January 27, 2017

With all of the lovely product recommendations floating around out there, it’s refreshing to be reminded of the simple, downright generic things you can do to boost your beauty in a big way. If you’re looking for down-to-earth beauty advice (aren’t we all?), look no further than 90s film goddess Liv Tyler.


While the actress may have a slew of beauty goodies at her disposal, there are a few basic beauty tenets she swears by to maintain her luminous, porcelain skin.

The first is being serious about her self-care ritual: “When you put a bit more effort into some things, the results are wonderful, especially as a woman—in your health, your body, your skin, your hair,” she told Into the Gloss. “It can be about that extra five little minutes a day, 30 more minutes a week. Try to shut the world out…It really makes you feel better!”

And feeling better, Tyler believes, is the real root of natural beauty: “That is what makes you more beautiful—the inner sparkle that shines out. My whole thing about skincare is starting from the inside, out. There’s no cream that’s going to make you beautiful.”

Okay, prioritize self-care and inner beauty—check! What else can we do achieve an enviable glow?

“That being said, I think that exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin, I really do,” Tyler explains. “I use scrubbing gloves every day in the shower. They just make you glow and get your blood flowing… Your skin is your biggest organ!”

She has a point. Exfoliation helps slough off dull, dead skin cells, revealing softer, more even skin. It also improves your circulation—and healthy circulation encourages better nutrient delivery from the blood to your various organs (including skin). Another awesome thing about exfoliation is that it’s free–you just need a handy washcloth! If you prefer using a scrub rather than a glove or washcloth, however, make sure to avoid microbeads (they’re not eco-friendly!). Instead, try one of these tantalizing scrub options.

Natural Beauty: Microbead Alternatives for Body Scrub

In addition to exfoliating on a regular basis, Tyler enjoys using bath salts and essentials oils. “If I had to go to a big event, I’d take a crazy-hot bath with tons of salts and oils a few hours before.”

Her favorite variety of bath salts is Kneipp Arnica Joint and Muscle Mineral Bath Salts, but general Epsom salts can go a long way, too, especially when they’re mixed with Tyler’s other interesting skin cocktails: “I take a couple of baths a week where I use a whole box of Epsom salts and either a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or a packet of baking soda. Equal parts salt and hydrogen peroxide. It makes you sweat all of the toxins out and all of the bad stuff. I learned about it from a hippie-natural-amazing pediatrician, actually, for when kids get sick.”

Does the thought of including hydrogen peroxide in your bath make you raise an eyebrow? Here’s a bit more info on the possible benefits of including H2o2 in your bath—plus tips for how to! Even if you’re not ready to try a hydrogen peroxide bath, you should definitely stock up on Epsom salts, which are a great way to get more magnesium, a vital mineral for hormonal health!


Are you a big fan of exfoliation? And what’s your favorite bath cocktail?

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons, @misslivalittle via Instagram; Jacalyn Beales (scrub)

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