Not Sold On Running? These 5 Tips Make Running Work For You

November 3, 2022

Running is a great sport that boosts both your physical and mental health, but it can be hard to keep going regularly. If you like running but struggle to find a pace that works for you, here are some tips on how to make the sport more enjoyable.

Run at a time that suits you

If you’re prone to procrastinating then running is an easy chore to talk yourself into putting off until tomorrow. To avoid this, choose a time of day that suits you and stick to it.

Do you prefer rising early and heading out, or would an evening run suit you better? Find out what works best for you and make a routine of going at this time.

Once you get into the habit of running regularly you’ll stop seeing it as a chore and start seeing it as another daily activity!

Take your luxuries

Running is hard work on your lungs, your legs and your mind. It can be incredibly fatiguing and mentally exhausting at the beginning. Having small luxuries on hand can be the difference between feeling like you want to run again or not!

Remember to bring items that will help to ease the stress of running. Small luxuries like water, a towel and music can make the world of difference in helping to make running enjoyable.

Invest in your equipment

What you wear whilst you run can be the difference between you feeling quite comfortable and very uncomfortable. If you want to commit to running regularly then it is worth investing in your running equipment. This will support your body and your overall level of comfort.

Invest in a good pair of running shoes and you will immediately feel the difference the next time you go out. A running belt or backpack is also a great way of carrying your necessities around with you if you’re running outside.

Running clothes are also useful for regulating your body temperature and ensuring you’re comfortable whilst running.

Take your time

Running is not a sprint—it can be quite a leisurely sport. However, it can be very tempting to try and go too far, too fast. Don’t feel pressured into doing this. Make sure you go at a pace that suits you, otherwise you might find yourself burning out quite quickly.

Once your body and lungs adjust to running, you’ll find it much easier to push yourself to go further for longer distances. This is when you’ll feel the true beauty of a runners high, but you need to make sure your body is ready for it first!

Pick out a running route

Where do you prefer to run? Some people prefer to run on the road, or in a forest, inside an air-conditioned gym, or in a park.

Try different places to run in and see how you feel at the end of it. Did you feel comfortable or did you feel stressed?

Ensuring you run in a place that you like is really important to ensure you want to go back.

If you plan to run outside, once you’ve found an area that you prefer, start to map out a running route that will be easy to follow. If you know where you’re going, you’re much more likely to stick to your running routine.

Once you’re comfortable with this route, why not try mapping out a few new ones nearby?

If you plan to run inside, why not get some routines built in on the treadmill? You could try out different speeds or hill adjustments, and try sprints.


Whether you’re a novice runner or whether you want to get back into the sport, these tips should help you get back into the swing of running regularly. What do you think, did we miss any vital tips out?

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Photo: Benjamin Huggett via UnSplash

Annabel Easton
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