Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

February 21, 2019

There are some celebrities whose wellness and beauty regimens are so complex—or require an assortment of exotic ingredients or spendy gadgets—that we can only sit back and marvel at the whole production. And then there’s Nicole Kidman, whose ethereal on-screen charm is a guaranteed scene-stealer. I, for one, grew up idolizing her circa those iconic Chanel N°5 ads. Naturally, I was delighted to discover that her self-care routine is relatively low-maintenance. She recently shared the details of her regimen with Harper’s Bazaar. Here are some of the highlights!    

Kidman explains that a little investment in skincare can go a long way. “Taking care of yourself, doing face masks, exfoliating—all of these things really do help,” she says. The actress is vigilant about a few things, however—SPF (she wears 100+!) and applying retinol at night.

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Kidman also keeps her makeup routine fairly simple: “There’s always lipgloss in my bag. If I swipe on some gloss and curl my lashes in the morning, I look pulled together (or good enough for school drop-off).”

Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

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Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts of the interview was when Kidman explained that she makes her own signature scent! “I’ve always loved scent, aromatherapy, and beautiful oils,” she explains. “I make my own fragrance with a mix of different oils. I’ll get asked what it is, but it’s my secret mix—I never give it away.” (What a shame for us! Though she did mention that she loves amber and musky scents…mmm, sexy!) “Every role I play has a different scent,” she continues. “For Big Little Lies, I created a very particular perfume for my character, Celeste, to wear.”

Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

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When it comes to fitness, Kidman sticks to what works for her—and what she really enjoys, including running and spinning. “I grew up with a marathon-running father, and my sister does mini-triathlons.  I do none of that, but I love running—at a very slow pace. I’m not fast or pretty when I run, but I like being outdoors. It lifts my spirits and gives me gratitude for the world. It’s peace for me.”

Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

For something more stimulating, she turns to spinning. “Spinning class is like going to a morning nightclub. It’s dark with really great music, and you go in there and get completely revved up for the day.”

Her daily breakfast is quick, delicious, and vegan (yay!)—“A bowl of rice puffs with blueberries, raspberries, and almond milk.” For a morning beverage, she “starts the day with a cup of matcha tea, and then I move on to coffee.” Yummy, sounds like a perfect morning to me!

Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

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Nicole Kidman’s Easy-Going Wellness & Beauty Ritual Is *Actually* Attainable

What your favorite part of your self-care routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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