These 6 Netflix Documentaries Convinced Me To Go Veg (Watch With Your Partner/Roommate!)

April 21, 2020

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Over the last few years, I have been slowly making changes to my diet to become more vegan. I have now been vegan for about a year. There are many reasons why I wanted to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle such as animal welfare, environment, health and budget. Over the first 20-odd years of my life, I have been far from vegan, so what inspired my decision?

I’d say that I have been strongly inspired by things I have seen, heard and read, from social media posts to articles to documentaries. Being open-minded and exploring more online has allowed me to learn more about how our actions impact ourselves, each other, and our environment. If you’re looking to embark on a similar journey, check out my top 6 recommended watches on Netflix.

6 Netflix Shows & Movies That Explore Veganism

1. Cowspiracy

Vegan Documentaries to Watch This Summer

I first watched Cowspiracy a few years ago when I was living in Australia. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing and hearing. It was difficult for me to comprehend that eating beef, in particular, could have so much effect on the environment. This was when I first started to debate the idea of embracing a vegan diet. As I ate so much meat and dairy, I viewed veganism as an impossible diet to achieve. I did give it a try though—but rather pathetically, I only lasted a few days. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out Cowspiracy on Netflix now!

2. Rotten

Each episode of Rotten explores a different part of food production, from honey to food intolerances to avocados. This series is eye-opening when it comes to exposing corruption, waste, and the dangers our eating habits have on ourselves and our planet. I found Rotten really inspiring; so after watching it, I decided to give veganism another go. This time, I was more successful. Watching Rotten also made me think more about not just my food, but everything I buy. As everything is neatly packaged and waiting for us in the supermarket, it’s hard to associate the story each item has and how it got there. For example, when you look at a chicken breast, do you ever stop to think about what life that chicken had before it ended up vacuum-packed and on the shelf? Probably not.

3. The Game Changers

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I’d be surprised if you haven’t yet heard of The Game Changers. This extremely popular documentary presents us with experienced athletes who thrive off a vegan diet. I really enjoyed this show as it explored the health implications of eating meat, dairy, and eggs and the effects certain foods can have on our bodies. It also broke down myths and stereotypes of veganism. This movie also didn’t push veganism on the viewer, it simply discussed how cutting down on animal products can benefit humans. The Game Changers not only had an impact on me but on many viewers around the world. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely add it to your list!

4. What The Health

What The Health is the follow-up movie from the creators of Cowspiracy. The film explores the idea that corruption of governments and large organizations is leading to mass spending on healthcare. What The Health compellingly shows how big investors plow money into advertisements, which push people to eat animal products, even when it has been shown that animal products often, in fact, lead to sickness. This results in people spending a lot of their income on medication and care, lining the pockets of the investors. This documentary can be quite hard-hitting, especially if you are new to exploring veganism. It’s definitely worth a watch though and it’s an opportunity to think outside the box and join the debate.

5. Explained – Season 2, Episode: The Future Of Meat

Explained is a series that explores a wide range of different topics. Only one episode explores the topic of meat: “The Future of Meat.” This episode explores how we now have the science and the ability to grow meat in the lab. It was a really interesting episode and I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I will be eating lab-grown meat anytime soon. What I enjoyed most about it was how researchers are putting their efforts into creating a more sustainable way for people to have ethical meat, if including meat in their diet is what they desire. It is definitely an interesting concept and worth a watch!

6. Forks Over Knives

Vegan Documentaries to Watch This Summer

I saved this one until last as I haven’t actually seen it yet. However, so many of my friends have recommended it to me and so it is ready and waiting on my list. Forks Over Knives is a documentary that changes the way we understand nutrition and sets us up with tools and recourses to easily enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. I am really looking forward to giving this one a watch.

Documentaries that discuss the topic of veganism aren’t just for vegans. They are for everyone, even if you have no interest in taking on a vegan diet and lifestyle. The above shows and films are a way to further educate yourself and understand more about nutrition and why so many people have joined the vegan movement. Remaining open-minded and keeping up to date with media, technology and discoveries will allow you to decide which diet is best for you and what best aligns with your values.

Do you have a favorite movie or tv show that explores veganism which I haven’t listed in my top 6? Let me know, I’d love to explore even more, even if they aren’t on Netflix!


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