Natural Beauty: Vegan Skin Care Travel Essentials

December 11, 2014

Natural Beauty: Vegan Facial Skincare Travel Essentials | Peaceful Dumpling

Natural Beauty: Vegan Skin Care Travel Essentials

I love visiting new (and familiar) places. This holiday season will find me on a road trip to my fiancé’s hometown in Louisiana, followed by more road tripping to my hometown in North Carolina. This is the first Christmas during which we won’t have to fly somewhere. Yes! I admit, being able to pack liquids of any size and quantity with abandon has me feeling giddy.

But even if you’re not able to pack your entire bathroom, there are a few, must-have products that should find their way into your travel beauty bag.


Travelling can wreak havoc on skin. Between jet lag, different cuisine, and general travel-induced stress, it’s hard to predict how your skin will react. Drinking plenty of water, aiming for restful nights, filling your plate with fresh food whenever possible, and maintaining an A+ skincare routine are your best defenses against troubled skin.

Here are my 5 picks for happy skin on the go: 

Natural Beauty: Vegan Facial Skincare Travel Essentials | Peaceful Dumpling

  1. Oil-Based Moisturizer: Earth Body Sacred Skincare Dream Body Oil

An oil-based moisturizer is wonderful for keeping skin hydrated (especially during winter), balancing sebum (oil) production, and, interestingly enough, removing stubborn eye makeup. Earth Body’s Dream Oil is formulated with grape seed oil, jojoba wax, rosehip seed oil, and essential oils of lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and rosewood—which is to say that it smells, well, dreamy. I also love using this multi-tasking oil on my elbows to tackle dry skin. A little goes a long way, so start with just a few drops.

  1. Gentle Facial Cleanser: Acure Facial Cleansing Créme

Traveling can take it out of you, which is why I enjoy thoroughly cleansing my skin at the end of the day—no matter what kind of adventures I get into. A gentle cleanser like Acure’s Argan and Mint cleansing cream won’t strip skin of its natural, protective oils or acid mantle—but it will take care of dirt and impurities. Combine that with the refreshing scent of lemongrass and spearmint, and your skin—and senses—will thank you.

  1. BB Cream + SPF: Andalou Naturals All in One Beauty Balm

Beauty balms are just too cool. With the awesome powers to protect skin from UV rays while providing sheer, mineral coverage, a BB cream like Andalou Naturals All in One is a must. For a full review of this BB cream, click here.

  1. Nourishing Antioxidant Serum: Kypris 1,000 Roses

Give skin a little extra love with a powerful antioxidant serum applied before moisturizer and BB cream. I’ve been indulging in a sample of Kypris 1,000 Roses, a beauty elixir containing the Bulgarian rose extract, stabilized vitamins C and E, and anthocyanins, like the oil of black raspberry seed, which target inflammation. This serum is especially helpful for skin challenge by hormonal fluctuation and environmental pollutants.

  1. Moisturizing Eye Cream: Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream

Finally, an eye cream is your friend wherever your travels take you—and especially if you find yourself vulnerable to under-eye circles and puffiness from lack sleep or stress. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn eye cream helps smooth fine lines while boosting hydration in this delicate area. Using a gentle tapping motion, apply with the pad of your ring fingers. This tapping motion will help drain excess fluid from the eye area and further reduce puffiness.

Travel safely and beautifully!

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