Natural Beauty: 5 Beauty Tricks to Look Younger

March 24, 2015

Natural Beauty: 5 Minute Beauty Tricks to Looking Younger

What are your skin concerns, dumplings? My skin remained relatively stable through my early 20s: hormonal breakouts especially around that time of the month, a**e scars (too ugly a word to spell 🙁 ), sunspots. One thing I never did worry about was wrinkles, fine lines, the “radiance” question, or looking younger. Sure, sometimes when I pulled all-nighters I looked haggard and tired, but I didn’t even understand the need for eye cream! And that’s as recently as summer 2013 (because I distinctly remember how we’d just started Peaceful Dumpling, and I didn’t know what eye creams were for. Don’t ask.).

Then in the last year my skin went through very dramatic changes. Good news is that breakouts have all but disappeared, probably due to some combination of my hormones calming down, and finding the right products / skincare routine. My acne scars have faded a lot too–no more heavy makeup on my chin! But at almost exactly the same time, I started noticing crepe-y fine lines under my eyes that had never been there before. I’m convinced that the very hormones that were causing my breakouts were also secretly holding my under eye plump and wrinkle-free. Oh the cruelty of life!! Is it too much to ask for 2 good things at the same time?!

Okay, now that I’m done shaking my fist: there are actually quite a few ways you can boost your radiance and take off 5 years from your look. Here are my favorite beauty tricks to look younger, all using vegan, cruelty-free, and natural products of course.
1. Less powder, more cream: Honestly, I do use a tiny bit of powder to “finish” and hold my BB cream, but after using powder blush exclusively for at least 12 years, I’ve switched over to cream. Younger looking skin looks hydrated and dewy, and cream blush accomplishes that finish far better than powder.

2. DO contour everyday: Subtle everyday contouring can do wonders to make you look younger. It’s easy to think that contouring is too Housewives to look nice outside of reality TV, but done just right it makes you look more radiant, awake, and young (since one of the characteristics of a youthful face is high contrast features). I use Pacifica Natural Minerals Coconut Multiples Kit, which contains actual coconut oil and smells heavenly, too. The cream bronzer goes under the cheekbones and on the sides of the chin, and on the sides of the nose. Blend in blush on the apples of the cheeks, and use the highlighter on the bridge of the nose, inner corners of the eyes, and the very top of the cheekbones. Vegan brushes from Ecotools get the job done.

3. Hydrate your skin throughout the day: Whenever I feel my skin needs a pick-me-up, I give it a quick hydrating mist. Lately I’ve been using Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Floral Toner, which contains rose stem cells for skin regeneration. Afterwards your skin does look more refreshed–it’s like how in flower shops or grocery stores, they mist flowers and vegetables to keep them hydrated. Or you know, how you have to keep drinking. Your skin also needs hydration throughout the day!

Natural Beauty: 5 Minute Beauty Tricks to Looking Younger

4. Use a nourishing serum under the eyes: Personally, I’ve found that creams tend to evaporate faster than oil-based serums, which seems to sink into the the under eye skin better. I’ve been using Kaeng Raeng After Glow Moisturizing Facial Serum all over my face twice a day, but especially under the eyes. After dabbing it on carefully using my ring finger, I let it sink in while I put on mascara. Then I add a small amount of concealer (I’ve been using Tarte Amazonian Clay concealer for years now) to brighten the eye area.

5. Lip balms and stains: I’m a huge lipstick lover, but highly pigmented lipstick can emphasize maturity rather than youthfulness. On the other hand, lighter colors and formulations can make you look washed out and faded. Instead, hydrate your lips with lip balm (coconut oil does wonders) and choose a lip stain in a vibrant hue that you can build to deepen, like Gressa Lip Boost in Aux Rouge. It’s the best vegan and cruelty free red lippy I’ve found yet, and looks good in all kinds of lighting. No awkward matte red lip in daylight situation here!

What are some of your skin concerns? Any thing you’ve had to tweak, or favorite look-younger tricks/products? Let’s hear it out 😀

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