Natural Beauty: DIY Tropical Skin Ritual (Javanese Lulur)

May 25, 2016

Nothing creates a sense of Zen and an instant recharge quite like a spa day whether you go to an actual spa or go the DIY route. When traveling to Bali, I indulged in exotic skin treatments and chakra balancing massages using local essential oils and fresh flowers. I’ve had my fair share of spa treatments, but nothing compares to a traditional Balinese tropical skin ritual, as they truly know how to create the ultimate spa experience.

Natural Beauty: DIY Tropical Skin Ritual (Javanese Lulur)

Pampering and self-care are common practices within the Balinese culture with beautifying rituals beginning ages ago. Dating back to the 17th century, Javanese Lulur purifying treatments were done for women in the royal palace right before their wedding day. Using all natural turmeric, sandalwood, and rice powder, women were massaged and exfoliated, followed by a floral bath soak. This tropical treatment creates inner and outer balance, leaving the skin feeling smooth, fresh, and bright.

After experiencing the royal treatment myself, I have never felt more relaxed, and to top it off, my skin felt amazing. Loving the results this ancient ritual left my on skin, I knew it was a treatment that I had to bring home. Not only will this ancient skin ritual make you feel like an island goddess, but it will make your body happy, too. Here are some surprising health benefits:


–Is anti-inflammatory, reducing redness, fending off free radicals, and smoothing troubled skin.

–Helps reduce pigmentation, evening out brown spots, and uneven skin tone.

–Is anti-aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

–Naturally heats up the body, helping to boost circulation and eliminate toxins.


–Is an emollient, keeping skin firm and smooth.

–Is a natural sedative, bringing inner peace and calmness.

–Has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce the signs of scars and acne.

 Rice Powder

–Is used to brighten and soften the skin.

–Is high in antioxidants, helping to slow down signs of aging.


–Helps increase blood flow and circulation.

–Eliminates dead skin, allowing fresh, vibrant skin to show.

 Coconut Yogurt

–Is packed with vitamin E, making it incredibly moisturizing.

This tropical paste is not only packed full of health benefits, but it’s also easy to make. With the exotic scents and tropical essence, this might just be your new favorite at-home spa ritual.

Despite the exotic origins of this recipe, the ingredients are fairly easy to come by and can be picked up at your local health food store or ordered online. You can even make rice powder yourself using a high-speed blender (here’s how). Seek essential oils from trusted essential oil carries (more on that here).

Natural Beauty: DIY Tropical Skin Ritual (Javanese Lulur)

Ingredients for DIY Javanese Lulur & Tropical Skin Ritual:

For the paste:

2 tsp. turmeric powder (**be careful as it stains)

2 tsp. rice powder

5 drops of sandalwood essential oil

½ cup coconut oil

2 cups coconut yogurt

For the bath:

A handful of fresh flower petals like roses or jasmine/floral essential oil of your choice. In Bali, jasmine, hibiscus, and ylang-ylang are all traditional flowers used for floral baths. If you’re using essential oils in your bath, begin by adding 5 drops (a little goes a long way). Add a few more as desired.

How to Make:

In a bowl, combine the turmeric, rice powder, and sandalwood. Add a little bit of water and stir together to make a thick paste.

The Ritual:

While standing in the shower (with the water off), apply coconut oil to your entire body. Next, gently massage in the paste in small circle motions, exfoliating the skin. Once applied to the whole body, let the paste completely dry and then add the coconut yogurt. Rinse away the yogurt and the paste completely. Lastly, soak in a relaxing floral bath that leaves you feeling refreshed from the inside out. Enjoy!

Have you ever experienced Javanese Lulur? What’s your favorite DIY spa ritual?

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