Natural Beauty: DIY Lavender Coconut Body Scrub

May 22, 2014

DIY Coconut Lavender Body Scrub - Peaceful Dumpling Taking a trip to the spa is a relaxing, sensuous, and often expensive experience. Luckily, DIY body scrubs are an all-natural and special treat that you can use to pamper yourself and the best part is that most, if not all, of the ingredients you might already have at home! To make this moisturizing and therapeutic lavender coconut body scrub, you will need:

Sea salt or brown sugar – I like to use both in order to get the exfoliating benefits of the sugar and the health benefits of the salt

Lavender essential oil (or any fragrant oil of your liking)

Sweet almond oil (alternatively, you could use jojoba or vitamin E oil)

Coconut oil

DIY Coconut Lavender Body Scrub - Peaceful Dumpling

The ingredients

You may add these ingredients in any order you desire, just make sure to slightly warm up the coconut oil so that it mixes more easily. Mix together with a fork or spoon. I like to eye-ball the ingredients and keep adding more salt and sugar as needed to make it the right consistency. DIY Coconut Lavender Body Scrub - Peaceful Dumpling A breakdown of the beneficial properties of the ingredients:

Brown sugar:  it is an excellent exfoliator, which evens out your skin tone, makes your skin soft and helps to release toxins, especially due to the glycolic acid which is found in sugar.

Sea salt: it is a gentle exfoliator that also detoxifies your skin, has antiseptic properties, and improves circulation.

Coconut oil: it is extremely moisturizing, with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties due to its lauric acid content. It helps to fade age spots and bruises, and relieves itchy skin.

Sweet almond oil: it is an effective moisturizer that is rich in nutrients including calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and D, all of which are important for your skin and overall health. These properties also make it a great muscle pain reliever.

Lavender oil:  it has relaxing and pain-relieving properties, which help to calm and even aid in falling asleep (just make sure that doesn’t happen in the shower). It is even known to relieve headaches and muscle pains. It also helps to disinfect the skin and can be used as an acne treatment. Lastly, it smells absolutely amazing!   Next time you’re in the mood to treat yourself, be sure to try this easy, healthy and beautifying body scrub – your skin will thank you!


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Photo: Lana Hristova


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