Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

July 12, 2016

Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty EssentialsOn the one hand, summer time lends itself to easy, low-maintenance beauty: sun-kissed skin, beachy waves, and maybe a pop of bright lips or nail color are all you really need to look your best for a night out or a day cruising some flea markets.

On the other hand, summer time means extra care and diligence devoted to sun protection and hair care: outdoor activities put us at greater risk for sun damage, while the sun and salt can dry and damage our hair… And, if you’re anything like me, those humid days do quite a number on my mane making it frizzy, massive, and nearly unmanageable. Additionally, a full face of makeup isn’t always the best match to sweltering heat or the sun’s strong rays — heavy makeup simply isn’t comfortable this time of year.

I’ve curated a list of products that I really love that help care for, nourish, and protect my hair and skin throughout the summer.  I’ve also included some  beauty products that I always keep in my bag to get a fresh face or amp up my look from day to night on the go.  There have been many a times when I’ve gone from a day outside, or an evening surf, straight to drinks with friends, so it’s nice to have an easy routine with fuss-free, travel friendly products, that I can do quickly (or even in my car).

For my skin, hair, and body

Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

Apoterra Rose Hydrating Toner*

I apply this toner with a cotton round because it dispenses as a gel.  My skin is super sensitive and easily irritates, so I like that this toner contains organic ingredients that soothe inflammation.  Made in New York, Apoterra creates their products in small, numbered batches; you can look up your particular batch number to learn more information about when the product was made, who made it, and where the ingredients were sourced. Pretty cool! 

Suki Skincare Brightening Serum

I use this before my moisturizer to help with general discoloration and my melasma.  It’s hard to control melasma in the summer time, even with proper precautions, but I still like using products that will keep my skin from looking too dull. Even if you don’t have issues with hyperpigmentation, this is a great serum for keeping your skin bright year-round.

Acure Day Cream

Free of parabens and sulfates, this day cream feels really nice on my skin and provides ample moisture without feeling too heavy or greasy.


Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

Acure Leave in Conditioner

I throw this in my beach bag to spray in my hair before and after going in the water. The sun and salt water is really drying and damaging (especially to my naturally dry hair), so this conditioner helps to protect and keep it moisturized.

Innersense Quiet Calm Curl Control

This cream helps define my curls and reduce frizz, but also helps to smooth my hair when I’m wearing it straight. This is another one that I throw in my beach bag to control my hair after going in the water.

Perennial Favorites

Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

These are my favorite, go-to products that  keep me feeling fresh and pretty without having to apply a full face of makeup. They’re super portable, which makes them ideal for keeping in your bag when you don’t have time to go home to get ready for the evening.

Zabana Essentials Glow Stick

I love this thing. A simple swipe on the highest point of my cheekbones and sometimes a swipe on my lips makes me feel a bit more put together and like I have a nice glow.  If you have a tan this is a nice compliment and really all you need on your face for a casual day or night out.

W3ll People Universalist Multi-Use Colorstick*

I honestly thought I would mostly be using this stick on my lips, but I actually quite love it as cheek color. I often layer it beneath the Zabana Glow stick.  As with the glow stick, a quick swipe on each cheek and a little blending gives me a flush of color that lasts a surprisingly long while. I love its versatility and that it really can function as your eye, cheek, and lip color. {Please note this is not vegan as it contains beeswax}

Gress Skin Luminous Complexion Fluid in Amelia

I really like Gressa products and this pigmented complexion fluid adapts to your skin color. Amelia is a GORGEOUS summery color that I love wearing on my lips.  I don’t typically like shiny lips – I’m more of a matte girl – but this isn’t too shiny and it really is luminous.

Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

Eir Pitted Natural Deoderant Stick*

Okay I realize that this isn’t makeup, but this is my favorite deodorant stick of all time.  I will admit that I stopped using deodorant all together several months ago.  I had tried several sticks and creams from other natural brands, but, for one reason or another, never quite liked any of them.  I decided I’d just do without wearing it entirely.  But, I still felt the need to have something for when I knew I’d be in a sweaty situation or just didn’t want to risk being smelly.  If you read my post about sustainable sunblock, then you know how impressed I am with Eir’s Surf Pro Mudstick, so I thought I’d give their deodorant a try. I’m happy I did because it’s now a staple in my routine.  This is a unisex stick, and although I do tend to gravitate towards scents that would typically be considered a bit more masculine (think woodsy, earthy, and spicy), I think this particular scent is actually rather neutral. Rosemary is one of my favorite smells, so the fact that it’s one of the ingredients probably explains why I love it so much. {Please note this is not vegan as it contains beeswax}

Natural Beauty: 10 Easy Breezy Summer Beauty Essentials

When I have time and want more coverage I rely on  Gressa SkinMinimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. I don’t like the feeling of makeup on my face, but sometimes I want a little extra coverage if I’m getting extra snazzy for an occasion, or just to mask the dark spots on my face caused by melasma. I have tried countless foundation products in liquid, cream, and powder formulations and this is, by far, my favorite. It is the only one that not only feels great and lightweight on my skin, but offers buildable coverage to suit my needs all while nourishing my skin with healing botanical extracts.

Which one of these do you think you’ll try? And what’s your own summer beauty essential? Please share! 🙂 

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