Natalia Vodianova Swears By These Luxe Cruelty-Free Products To Restore Her Hair

August 7, 2018

Nicknamed “Supernova,” supermodel Natalia Vodianova seems to radiate maturity and grace from the glossy pages she occupies. A modern Cinderella, Vodianova went from living in poverty in Russia and selling fruit to help support her family to starring in campaigns for luxury perfumes and becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion and beauty industry.

While her captivating light eyes may be her most striking physical feature, our topic today is Vodianova’s secrets for maintaining her hair. I find that models have some of the best advice when it comes to treating hair (and skin) because they’re exposed to so many elite stylists and the like, plus their hair really goes through the wringer—multiple color treatments, constant heat styling, lots and lots of product. Keeping it healthy must take special know-how.

Keep reading for her favorite techniques and treatments!

Natalia Vodianova on Maintaining Gorgeous, Healthy Hair


Tip #1: Avoid bad hair days for your own sake.

“If I do take extra care of anything it is my hair,” she told Hello Magazine. “If I have a bad hair day it makes me feel uncomfortable, so I put a lot of care and attention into that.” I do find that I have an extra bit of pep in my step when my hair looks its best. Regardless of what is trendy or what others think looks good, it’s important to wear your hair the way you like it and enjoy yourself in the process. 

Tip #2: Massage your scalp.

“Every couple of weeks I go to Leonor Greyl to have a massage and conditioning mask so my hair feels good and healthy.” Massaging your scalp is one of the best things you can do for your hair. It stimulates blood flow, which aids nutrient delivery, and when combined with a detoxifying scalp scrub, it helps slough off dead skin cells for a healthy, soft scalp. 

Tip #3: Get your healthy hair vitamins.

“I even have injections of biotin twice a year because I recognize that my hair needs the most attention.” In lieu of getting injections, taking a simple B complex supplement or a multivitamin will help ensure that you’re not deficient in biotin, an essential nutrient that helps the body perform many functions (growing strong nails and hair are just a few of its benefits!).

Natalia Vodianova Swears By These Luxe Cruelty-Free Products To Restore Her Hair

Sugarbear Hair Vitamins contain biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D for healthy strands.

Tip #4: Baby your ends.

“My hair is very fine,” she told The New York Times. “I have a lot of it, but being a model means I undergo a lot of blow-drying and a lot of pulling, so it’s important to rejuvenate the hair and feed it as much as possible. I do a lot of Leonor Greyl. It’s a very French brand, and a hairstylist, Odile Gilbert, said I should try the cream for the ends of the hair. They have a little clinic in Paris, and it’s one of my only real indulgences. I’ll go every couple of weeks and it takes two hours, but you get a full head massage and amazing oils and masks. I feel like I’ve had a week of holiday after I leave the place.”

Natalia Vodianova Swears By These Luxe Cruelty-Free Products To Restore Her Hair

Leonor Greyl Conditioner, a rich, color-safe cream conditioner/masque that infuses hair with softening moisture and healthy-looking shine.

Tip #5 Know your go-to brands, and don’t be afraid to keep a few in rotation.

“I also use a lot of Christophe Robin products. I get my hair colored by Christophe — I get it a little blonder than my natural color; I need the pick-me-up! — and I also get it cut when I’m at the salon. I’m obsessed with his volumizing mist with rose water. And I do rotate shampoos, so when I’m not using Leonor Greyl, I like his cleansing milk with blueberry. It’s really incredible.”

Natalia Vodianova Swears By These Luxe Cruelty-Free Products To Restore Her Hair

Christophe Robin Cleansing Milk


What are your favorite model-worthy hair tips?

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Photo: Natalia Vodianova via Instagram, Respective brands

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