Morning Boost: Avocado Toast, 4 Ways

March 24, 2014

Avocado Toast 4 Ways

The avocado is the most versatile food on the planet. No one can argue with that. I mean, consider all of the applications for this wonder food.

Dry hair? Treat your mane to an avocado mask.

Party in 20 minutes? Make guacomole, duh!

Skin need a pick-me-up? Slather on some of that rich green stuff!

Wanna liven up your salad, soup, or add richness to your chocolate pudding? Avocado it up!

Cats bored? Let them bat an avocado across the floor. Ok, maybe my cat, Piddles, is the only one who likes to do this. The girl loves to play with fruit!

Clearly, we love avocados! They are full of healthy fats and are just so darn tasty. I like to start my morning with avocado toast like so many others love to do. Avocado toast can be enjoyed plain, but there are so many great ways to boost this healthy breakfast treat!

My favorite 4 ways to liven up avocado toast:


The Classic: Tomato slices with a hint of sea salt. Simple, classic, and so good!


Raw Warrior: Loaded with magnesium and zinc, raw pumpkin seeds also add helpful protein to your morning breakfast.

The Tropics: Have you ever thought that avocados and mangoes are like the PB&J of the tropics? So yummy alone, but better together! Mango slices with a dash of chili powder add a delicious kick to this toast combo.

Open Sesame: Rich in oleic acid, black sesame seeds liven up avocado toast like a healthier version of confetti sprinkles!

I have to say that I love them all, but I think I’m a Classic girl at heart. What’s your favorite way to do avocado toast?

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Photo: Tanya Lichtenstein


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