“I’m Done”—Mena Suvari Eschews Fast Fashion & Embraces Completely Vegan Life

April 18, 2018

Actress and self-described “Actorvist” Mena Suvari recently went vegan and couldn’t love the lifestyle more. She shared with Us Magazine that she’s been following a cruelty-free, plant-based regimen for 10 months: “I went completely cruelty-free in my life even with my beauty products and my whole wardrobe. I feel really good making the personal changes that I did and I’ve always loved fashion, so I wanted to make it a point, for whatever it’s worth, and show people that you can have fun with sustainable fashion and that it’s possible.”

Mena Suvari Goes Vegan

Suvari says she’s through with fast fashion and is now far more interested in kind choices. “I’m done with whatever the ‘high’ is when it comes to fashion,” she explained. “When I went vegan, I was sort of like, ‘Why am I carrying this dead animal on my arm? It doesn’t feel good.’ You’re doing a good thing for the environment, you’re doing a good thing for animals and you’re saving a lot of money. I love being able to feel good in what I’m wearing!”

Mena Suvari Goes Vegan

For Suvari, ditching animal fabrics, including fur, which she is vehemently against, has allowed her to tune into what really matters: “Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is what’s important to me. I don’t care what the most expensive item is or that whole dynamic of someone thinking that they have to buy something to be equal.” Preach!

Mena Suvari Goes Vegan

When it comes time for Suvari to shop, she turns to Instagram to discover ethical and vegan brands slightly off the beaten path. “I have found so many lines that I had never heard of before like Angela Roi, Amur, SUSI Studio, and Delux.”

“It’s nice to see companies coming out more and I think it’s a beautiful thing. I hope people tap into the right reasons of why they’re doing it, but regardless, they’re doing it. And if it’s because they think it’s a trend, they’re still doing it and it’s good. I think we’re creating a bigger consciousness.”

Mena Suvari Goes Vegan

AMUR Dylan Dress (AMUR clothing is created with sustainably sourced materials in New York City.)

When it comes to beauty, Suvari like to keep it natural and simple. ”I love 100% Pure and I pretty much use all of their products,” Suvari says. “I also go to Verina Organic Salon in Beverly Hills and all of their products are organic. I’m pretty simple with that kind of stuff and I just like having products that are easy. I’ll put coconut oil on my face and I don’t care.” 

Mena Suvari Goes Vegan

100% Pure Pomegranate Lipstick, formulated with shea butter and natural plant pigments.

“I’m Done”—Mena Suvari Eschews Fast Fashion & Embraces Completely Vegan Life

It’s certainly easy to relate to Suvari’s plant-based high-on-life attitude! What’s your favorite part of an eco-friendly lifestyle?

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Photos: Mena Suvari via Instagram, AMUR, 100% Pure

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