Makeup Guru Charlotte Tilbury Spills Secrets For Being Gorgeous Connoisseur Of Life

January 10, 2018

I hereby nominate Charlotte Tilbury as the next addition to your list of women crushes. (Chances are Ms. Tilbury has done the makeup of at least half the ladies already on your list.) Not only is Charlotte Tilbury one of the most sought-after celebrity makeup artists with her own line of luxury, cruelty-free products, she’s someone who loves life, celebrates female beauty, and has a damn good time in the process.

If you’ve ever admired the glowing red carpet looks of Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Miranda Kerr, Emma Roberts, Amal Clooney, Kate Moss, Salma Hayek…the list goes on, keep scrolling for Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup secrets. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a beauty junkie, Tilbury’s approach to a life well-lived may just polish up the twinkle in your eye. Read on!

Makeup Guru Charlotte Tilbury Spills Secrets For Being Gorgeous Connoisseur Of Life

Charlotte Tilbury with Nicole Kidman.

Makeup only goes so far. Taking care of your skin is a must. “By the time women hit 30, they should have their healthy, happy, glowing skin routine at the ready,” Tilbury says. “As you age, time-saving, quick, and easy skin secrets and complexion saviors are key.” She suggests “drenching the skin with moisture. You can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas.”

Then target the under-eye area—“the most delicate area to age and prone to fine lines purely because of dehydration.” Gently tap product along the area with your ring finger. “It will instantly turn back the ticking time bomb.”

Master a quick, glam look. “If you have five minutes to get ready, stick with a red lip and a subtle contour. A classic red lip is the ultimate bombshell look and never goes out of fashion. The shape needs to be perfect; use a lip liner to perfect and enhance the pout, and fill in with a cashmere soft, moisturizing lipstick,” she says.


“To create killer cheekbones that enhance your natural facial framework, simply suck in your cheeks and then follow the hollow with a natural bronzer. Paint along the nose, jawline, and temples to sculpt the face. Use a highlighter on top of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow for gorgeous, candlelit skin. And don’t forget to blend, blend, blend!”

Embrace your signature look. Charlotte Tilbury may be a magician of a hundred looks when it comes to dolling up her celeb clients, but the artist herself sticks to a signature look that makes her feel her best—big, bouncy long hair with Bardot-esque bangs and a Sophia Loren-Worthy sultry smokey eye. (“Smokey eye ’til I die!” She says.) A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals Tibury’s old Hollywood inspiration.

Makeup Guru Charlotte Tilbury Spills Secrets For Being Gorgeous Connoisseur Of Life

Smokey eye by Charlotte Tilbury.

Don’t forget to have fun! “Makeup is meant to be fun, and it should make you feel confident and sexy. I want to empower women to feel their best, as that’s when they look their best: when they’re just enhancing their natural assets. Find easy-to-choose, easy-to-use products, and doing your makeup will be so much easier. The artistry should be in the products themselves!”

Fuel yourself! (Literally.) Charlotte Tilbury is full of energy and pizazz. She credits her boundless vitality to never skipping a hearty breakfast and sticking to a supplements routine of homeopathic drops and vitamin C.

Glamour and glitz aren’t everything. The perfect contour means nothing if you’re not happy—“Love and laughter are the tonics of life,” she says. She also stresses the importance of following your dreams—“Dare to dream it, dare to believe it, dare to do it.”

Makeup Guru Charlotte Tilbury Spills Secrets For Being Gorgeous Connoisseur Of Life

It’s all about how you see things. “Life is not linear,” she told Porter. “I don’t believe in negatives—if you listen to your intuition and read the signs, it will ALWAYS lead you to a positive. Don’t give up!”

What are your secrets for a beautiful life?

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Photo: CTilbury Makeup via Instagram

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