Lovely Vegan Leather Journals

by Nicole
November 15, 2013

A version of this article originally appeared on Too Chic for Meat.

In my vintage fantasies I am sitting on a bench or in a field of flowers (this is particularly hilarious since I don’t sit on grass) writing away in my  diary. I’m the type of person who buys tons of journals that may or may not sit empty in a drawer for years but gets giddy walking by the pretty leather bounded journals in Barnes and Noble. The problem word here is obviously leather. Although I’ve been concentrating on finding a vegan version of the ubiquitous leather Smythson planner, I fell in love when I came across this vegan leather journal on Etsy (yes, Etsy again).

It combines my love of hot pink, hearts and a vintage aesthetic.

vegan leather journal etsy


These were a few other unique vegan leather bound books I came across during my endless browsing:

light as a feather journal by the mighty mountain

Light as a feather journal by The Mighty Mountain

faux leather journal by gifted papers

Faux leather journal by Gifted Papers

faux leather peacock print journal

Faux leather peacock printed notebook on Ebay. I actually bought the same notebook at Home Goods in purple last year and it’s totally awesome!

world traveler journal by Eccolo

World Traveler Journal by Eccolo

moleskin pastel journal

Last but not least, one can never go wrong with Moleskine, especially when they are a rainbow of pastels. Sigh.

Writing in your journal can be a way to soothe your soul, gain perspective, preserve memories, and find inspiration. Jotting your thoughts down in a planner reminds you where you’re headed; a daily diary can give you healthy emotional release; you can also keep a travel journal or even a style book on your quest to perfect your signature style. Oh and in case you were wondering where to find a vegan leather bound customizable planner- Bound for Anything is your source. Prefer to make your own journal? Check out Beauty Editor Mary Hood’s tutorials on collage journals (made from repurposed cardboard!) and Coptic stitch journalsYou’re welcome.

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