LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Justine and Katie!

September 30, 2015

LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

Have you heard of LOVE GOODLY, the eco-friendly vegan-friendly subscription box? If you haven’t, you’re sure to start hearing about it right about…now.

You’ve heard about subscription boxes of course; maybe you’re even signed up for one. But LOVE GOODLY stands out because it’s the first of its kind to donate a part of proceeds directly to two charities: F*ck Cancer and Animal Sanctuary. Every other month, a pretty and lovingly curated box arrives at your door with vegan-friendly, always cruelty-free goodies. If you’d like to get more, you buy them at their online store, where everything is labeled according to what matters most to you: made in USA, eco-friendly, non-GMO, recycled, gluten-free…

I was lucky enough to receive their August/ September box for a review. Now, let me tell you the state of mind in which I received this box. Honestly, I’ve been battling various annoyances and illnesses for about two straight months now. Though I run around energetically, inside I was feeling very worn out. I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive this box…LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

…and see the ingredients for the perfect mini-spa day.

LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

Let’s check out what’s going on here: (From top left, clockwise) Aloha Daily Good Greens Whole-Food Powder; Christy Robinson rabbit necklace; Pukka “Love” tea (full-size box); LVX vegan nail polish in Deco; Hurraw! lip balm in vanilla bean; and Amal argan oil.

LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

I’ve always wanted to try LVX, a 5-free vegan nail polish brand beloved for its chic, fashion-forward shades that last. And Christy Robinson necklace: how adorable is this rabbit with a heart, made with recycled aluminum and sterling plated chain? It’s such a soft, sweet way of showing your animal-loving side. And Amal argan oil is made using sustainable, traditional practices in Morocco (extraction of one L takes roughly 20 hours–wow!). Argan oil, as you know, is non comedogenic, balancing, and healing for many skin troubles from psoriasis, blemishes, stretch marks and more.

LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

Aloha Daily Good Greens ingredients list is so whole: it’s made with all organic, dehydrated plant foods like coconut water, peas, wheatgrass, spinach, spirulina, wild blueberries, mushrooms, and more. Hurrah! is likewise made with pure plant oils and waxes to nourish your lips. Pukka on the other hand is a lovely organic and fairtrade herbal tea, an amorous blend of chamomile, limeflower, elderflower, rose, and lavender. Yum!

With these in hand, I set out to turn my desk into a mini spa.


LOVE GOODLY Review + Interview with Founders Katie and Justine!

#nofilter–pretty, huh?

Here’s what I did: First, I made Pukka tea in a large pot to do a DIY tea steam facial. With ingredients like rose and lavender, you know that tea is good for your beauty whether in beverage form or steam form. I washed my face of the morning’s grime and gave it a good, relaxing steam. After a wash and pat dry, I dabbed on Amal argan oil all over my skin and put on some lip balm for good measure. I then made myself another tea, and a smoothie with Aloha, and sat at my desk to paint my nails.

The smoothie with Aloha was delicious and filling–definitely not chalky like some processed powders. I absolutely adored Pukka tea–it was so aromatic, even to a coffee drinker like me. Hurrah! lip balm was so moisturizing and smells heavenly, too. And that argan oil immediately made my skin feel nourished and calm–my pores even feel happier.

I can’t tell you just how relaxing that 45-minute break was! Sometimes, you have to remind yourself that yes, you can take an hour to take care of yourself. Life isn’t just lived by working. You know?

Now to wrap it up–I got the chance to talk to LOVE GOODLY’s founders Katie and Justine for an interview. You’ll find their story as refreshing as the LG box!

PD: How did you first decide to start LOVE GOODLY? 

Justine + Katie: We were founding team members of LovingEco, another eco-friendly ecommerce site that was acquired one year after launch in 2012. Taking our experience from that venture, and continuing our passion for the eco space, we started LOVE GOODLY to help women discover the best nontoxic, natural brands while giving back to a cause with each purchase.

PD: What sets apart LOVE GOODLY from other subscription boxes?

Katie: We carefully curate the products in our box from a selection of not just beauty and skincare, but also wellness, healthy snacks and eco style and home products. And our box includes many full-size products so you don’t just get samples. From our close brand relationships, we are able to get exclusive products. With each purchase, we donate back to causes that are important to us and our community, including Farm Sanctuary and Fuck Cancer.

PD: How did you decide on which charities to work with? 

Katie: As I am a vegan, I am passionate about mission of Farm Sanctuary to promote compassion toward animals and a cruelty free lifestyle.

Justine: Like many women, cancer has affected the lives of so many of our friends and family, and Fuck Cancer’s focus on early detection and prevention is an important way to address this epidemic.

PD: What is the most fun part of your job? And the part that feels most rewarding?

Katie: Working with and discovering the best vegan brands and working with my co-founder!

Justine: The most fun for me is to work with amazing women, like our team members and my co-founder! The most rewarding is helping to introduce emerging brands to the world.

PD: What would you say is the most challenging part of launching your own successful company? 

Justine + Katie: We would say the most challenging part of this is keeping your personal and business life in balance.

PD: Running your own company can be a lot of pressure. How do you decompress and center yourself? 

Katie: walking my dogs and playing with my son.  

Justine: If I can get to the gym twice a week, I am happy. Plus I try to spend all of my off time with my family. My next goal is to meditate every day!

PD: If you had to pick your favorite, can’t-live-without, other-people-must-know-about-this product that’s at LOVE GOODLY online store, which would it be?

Katie:  Amal’s Argan Oil— It’s liquid gold.  Use it on face and hair daily!

Justine: I would say LVX’s Greige nail polish which is 5-free, so nontoxic, has a gel-like finish and is a stunning color that goes with everything.

PD: I think both LOVE GOODLY and Peaceful Dumpling are distinctly value-oriented companies–and that’s a direct result of founders being value-oriented people. What is a value you hold most closely, and what does that mean for you? Mine is courage!

Katie: I value the importance of kindness– makes the world a better place 

Justine: The value I hold most closely is empathy – being able to be open to other points of view and ideas.

PD: LOVE GOODLY is a value-driven company but it’s also a style-driven company. How would you describe your personal aesthetic or style? 

Katie: urban chic– simple and basic with a little bit of edge– skinny jeans, cri de coeur flats and eco blazer, classic staple jewelry (obsessed with Dogeared) finished off with Stella McCartney Fallabella.

Justine: I would call my personal style is mommy eco-chic – comfortable but stylish. For instance I just got a cute new dress in organic cotton and linen from Vaute Couture, a leading eco vegan designer that I wear with black linen TOMS wedges, a Christy Robinson arrow necklace (on our site) and my Deux Lux Elle black tote (on our site).

PD: Your #1 advice to readers who want to pursue their purpose? 

Justine + Katie: Take small steps first and learn, learn, learn – find time to start pursuing your dream by researching and reading, networking at Meetup events, or volunteering for a friend’s company.

Founders of LOVE GOODLY

Justine (left) and Katie (right)

Now for our PD classic, Essential’s Lists! 


Must Have Vegan Beauty Product:   Hurraw! Lime Lip Balm

Favorite City/Country to Visit: Paris– Hank Burger’s vegan burgers are the best ever

Favorite Vegan Restaurant: Herbivore SF or Real Food Daily

Your Mantra:  Be a voice for the voiceless

Guilty Pleasure:  Wine in the afternoon

In 5 Years, I’ll Be… traveling with my kids and running LOVE GOODLY!

When You Feel Most Beautiful: when helping others and promoting compassion


Must Have Vegan Beauty Product:   RMS Beauty Luminizer and “Un” cover-up

Favorite City/Country to Visit: Los Angeles – I love living here in LA!

Favorite Vegan Restaurant: Gracias Madre (especially their patio!)

Your Mantra:  Follow your passion

Guilty Pleasure:  Drinking French rosé Champagnes!

In 5 Years, I’ll Be…  I am happy with my life now, so more of the same!

When You Feel Most Beautiful: Being with my family (having my hair and makeup done doesn’t hurt!)


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