Laura Dern, An Eco Goddess, Says This Cult Organic Facial Oil Is Behind Her Enviable Glow

September 30, 2019

Big Little Lies actress Laura Dern isn’t shy about taking up causes. Well-known for championing women’s rights and equal pay, gun control, and migrant rights, the 50-year-old is just as outspoken about her love for natural beauty products and wellness practices. Which is perfect, because she completely radiates confidence and beauty, from her “defy me and I will smite you” stare to perfectly piece-y lob, and we need answers. Unlike her most famous character, high-maintenance venture capitalist Renata, her philosophies on skincare and self-care are refreshingly simple and straightforward—and are the perfect inspiration to keep fighting the good fight for healthy, earth-friendly products. Dern recently joined Olivia Wilde and Zazie Beets in partnering with green beauty brand True Botanicals, a company committed to creating products that are as friendly to your skin as they are to the earth.

“The products work. And True Botanicals has the most integrity of any brand I’ve found. They care about our health, our beauty, and the protection and beauty of the planet. That is a very rare thing to find.” One her favorite items from True Botanicals is the Pure Radiance Oil, a creative blend of helichrysum, hemp, pumpkin and grape seed oils, algae extract, and astaxanthin to boost skin’s defenses against aging and acne.

When asked about her beauty must-haves and what helps her look her best, the actress said, “I would have to be hydrated, so I would definitely bring my True Botanicals Radiance Oil and Nutrient Mist, for sure. And then I have a rose deodorant that’s natural. It smells good, and I think that might be a good call.” Note: when we first reported about True Radiance way back in 2017 (trend-spotting is kind of our thing!), the brand also touted turning apple peels into a powerful active ingredient. As of September 2019, True Radiance no longer appears to be promoting its upcycling practices—but states that it “prioritizes both certified-organic and wild-harvested ingredients.” All the products are also Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and free of more than 5,000 known toxins, certified by MADE SAFE seal.


Laura Dern's Eco Goddess Vibes Will Inspire Your Natural Beauty Dreams

In a recent interview with Glamour, Dern opened up about where the natural beauty trend is moving (hint: it’s in a good direction) and why beauty is so much more than skin deep.

One of the biggest things to prompt change in the beauty industry is the way consumers interact with brands, especially when it comes to asking questions: “That’s the new trend: Women are starting to say, ‘What’s in it? What’s it made of? How do they package? Do they recycle? Is there animal testing?’ You know, teenage girls are asking these questions. They won’t buy a product, many that I know, if it’s tested on animals. We’ve been asking for a while if it’s safe for animals. Now we get to ask, ‘Is it safe for us?'”

While ingredients are of utmost importance, true beauty is about even more than ingredients, Dern explains, arguing that being happy in your own skin is essential. “The idea that you have to alter yourself to fit into someone else’s model of beauty. That is such B.S.! By the way, that boyfriend is going to break up with you in a year. And then you’ve changed a body part because he demanded it, and the next guy is going to be like, ‘Why did you do that? I loved those pictures of you from four years ago!’ You never want to be the person who continues to alter themselves for the next lover, you know what I mean? Enough. You gotta learn to be happy with that.”

Dern also swears by transcendental meditation, one of the trendiest forms of meditation among celebs. “It’s one moment carved out in your day where you are offering yourself a chance to dive within a bit and connect back to a deeper sense of self. I think it’s a great way to keep listening to yourself throughout the day. It’s easy to lose our own voices as our day gets harried.”

Indeed, we tend to feel and look our best when we’re grounded and connected to ourselves. From conscious skincare to quiet moments—it’s all connected to putting the best version of ourselves forward in such a way that supports our earth-friendly values. Kudos to Laura Dern for embodying that message!

What natural beauty brands do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photo: Laura Dern via Instagram,  True Botanicals

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