Kate Hudson Just Launched An Eco Friendly Fashion Line—& We're Cautiously Optimistic

April 5, 2019

Just another day, another celebrity fashion line… Doesn’t it feel like?! Nonetheless, I was a tad curious to check out Kate Hudson’s newly launched eco friendly fashion line, Happy x Nature (“happy by nature”).

As you may already know, Kate Hudson first became a lifestyle brand by co-founding Fabletics, a subscription activewear company that automatically withdraws a certain amount from your bank account in exchange for sending you suspiciously cheap leggings and sports bras. Cute though they may be, they were the antithesis of slow fashion and conscious fashion: mass-produced for rapid consumption and replacement by the month. And, in 2015 BuzzFeed News uncovered that thousands of members had complained that Fabletics is a “scam,” citing difficulty canceling subscriptions (only accomplished by phone—what?!). Parent company JustFab’s co-founders and co-CEOs had even been conning customers into unwanted subscriptions since 2004.

During this time, Kate Hudson never seemed to show any inclination for environmental advocacy or even a casual #sustainablefashion interest. So it behooves me to stay cautious in announcing her latest venture. Under “Our Story,” it jazzily proclaims: “It’s a love story really. A love of nature and all things natural. We love how nature makes beauty look so easy and effortless. And, that’s been our inspiration for our fashion and for our commitment to the environment.”

It appears as though Happy x Nature did pay attention to the things that sustainable fashionistas care deeply about. Some of the garments utilize polyester made of recycled plastic (Repreve®) and organic materials, although most appear to be made of conventional cotton. However, the brand eschews plastic and its entire packaging (including natural-fiber hang tags) is biodegradable in 12-18 months. Since a vast majority of eco friendly fashion lines still use poly wraps and plastic hang tags, I definitely applaud the company’s attention to detail.

In terms of style, Happy x Nature seems exactly like what you’d expect from Kate Hudson: sunny, boho, Californian.

Kate Hudson's new eco-friendly line

High-waisted Straight Jean, $98, featuring part organic cotton

Harmony Blazer, $149 featuring recycled plastic lining and linen shell

Serene Dress, $88 made of linen viscose blend

Just from an aesthetic perspective, I would say these are neither the worst nor the best things that I’ve seen. They’re just sort of in the middle of the Venn diagram of What Could Sorta Be Cute and What You See Girls On Instagram Wearing.

As far as ethical production goes, we’re glad that Kate Hudson has decided to launch a more eco friendly fashion line as opposed to another Fabletics. But even if you get biodegradable packaging right, that doesn’t really explain why one must launch something. We’re truly at a point where we cannot add more stress to the environment without a just cause. Last year’s UN Climate Report found that we have until 2030 to reduce our CO2 emissions by 45% and avert the apocalyptic 2.7 degrees of warming. Meanwhile, the global emissions rate spiked by 1.7% in 2018 and the U.S. had record growth of 3.4%, owing to deregulation by the Trump administration.

Given the situation, we must each examine whether something should be bought or even whether it should exist at all. Is it really beautiful? Is it really worthy of creating more CO2, using up resources, and leeching more pollutants into our waters? Is it really authentic? Or is it something a celebrity made to make a quick buck off her fame? I think we all know, deep down in our hearts, what I’m trying to say.

What do you think of Happy x Nature? Sound off! 

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