It's Friday! Peaceful Dumpling Weekly Round Up

July 26, 2013

baby tawny owlWhat a week! The biggest winner of the week was clearly Duchess Catherine, who gave birth to the future king of England. And the biggest loser was Anthony Weiner, who told reporters, “It’s in my pants.” (In a country where your weight is a factor in grad school admissions, I don’t understand why qualities like dishonesty, insincerity, underestimation of the public’s intelligence, and irrational self-destructive behavior, shouldn’t factor in a mayoral election. Am I right or what?) And these other things happened, in the meantime.

-A new study shows that there is an increased risk of cancers for taller women. While it doesn’t mean that height itself is a risk factor, tall stature might be indicative of other factors, like hormones, that may affect increased cancer risk.

-Animal trafficking: These adorable baby parrotlings were taken from a forest and sold in a marketplace in India. Again, wild animals are not our pets or toys, no matter how cute.

These (darn it, I’m just gonna say it, supercute) barred owls will be lured with song and shot–by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trying to cull this species in the West so that the struggling spotted owls can have a chance. Barred owls are a native U.S. species that were forced westward by encroaching humans, and their migration has affected the smaller and less aggressive spotted owls.

-The newest diet fad in Japan is the Long Breath Diet–which claims that taking long, strained breaths will make you lose weight.

-Due to global warming and overfishing, Maine lobsters have developed a disturbing eating habit–cannibalism.

That’s it for now! Happy Friday! xx



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