It's Friday! PD Weekly Round up

August 2, 2013

It’s the EOD, woohoo!! The loser this week was Bradley Manning, who was acquitted of treason but was found guilty of espionage. The winner of the week is a tie–Edward Snowden, who finally was granted asylum in Russia, and these 82 orcas near Puget Sound, WA, that were at risk of being left out of the new Endangered Species Act, due to the fierce lobbying by California farmers. (The farmers faced water restrictions that protect these orcas’ main food, Chinook salmon). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced today that these orcas will remain protected, as they don’t interbreed with other Pacific orcas and have a separate food source.

yannai boneh national geographic photo winner cheetah 2013

National Geographic announced the winners of their Photo Contest 2013. Above photo by Yanai Bonneh, taken in Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, took third place. Isn’t it such a breathtaking shot? For me, it captures a sense of wonder and affirms something about our continuity with nature. See other unbelievable winners here.

-Ugh. The New York Times reports on how high-powered women executives are turning to cosmetic procedures and botox to “maintain professional edge.” Their goal is “a cosmetic sweet spot: old enough to command respect, yet fresh enough to remain vital,” somewhere between “45 and 55.” What does it say about our society that female executives feel compelled to get cosmetic “work” done as they age, to be seen as “energetic” but “serious”? So if you’re a woman over 55, does that make you irrelevant, ancient, and incompetent? And if you’re a woman younger than 45, you’re automatically lacking in authority, leadership, and wisdom? For the thousandth time, it causes serious damage to our economy, society, and morale to penalize women–at all ages–based on how they look. And shame on  you, NYTimes, for your sycophantic coverage of the Park Avenue dermatologist to these alpha women, which is devoid of critical integrity and normalizes this sexist phenomenon.

-According to a new report, there is a new, biodegradable solution to soak up oil spills: raw, unprocessed cotton. Now, if only we could figure out how to AVOID spilling oil in the first place…

That’s it! Have a peaceful weekend! Enjoy the sun! Cook some food (how about this Seitan and Portobello Chimichurri or Risotto with Wax Beans and Peas, and Shiitake?)

Photo: Yanai Bonneh; National Geographic

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