Interview: Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee

February 26, 2014

Yoga-guru-to-the-stars Kristin McGee has appeared on CNN, FOX, the CBS Morning Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Tyra Banks Show, and The Isaac Mizrahi Show. Some of her clients include Bethany Frankel, Steve Martin, Tina Fey, Ben and Christine Stiller, and LeAnn Rimes, just to name a few. You might also remember her as Kaitlin, the yogaerobics instructor on NBC’s 30 Rock, and creating and staring in over 90 yoga and Pilates DVDs including MTV’s yoga and Pilates series.

Originally from Pocatello, Idaho, Kristin first discovered yoga while attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Upon graduating with her BFA, Kristin became a certified yoga instructor, Pilates instructor and ACE personal trainer. She began teaching all over Manhattan while pursuing her acting career. Soon enough, Kristin realized her real passion was sharing fitness and wellness with others. We were excited to have the opportunity to interview Kristin and appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule, as a new mom and trainer extraordinaire to share some of her amazing fitness insight with us.

FG: What led you to become a certified Pilates and yoga instructor?

KM: I discovered Yoga in Acting School at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. I fell in love with it and certified to teach upon graduating in the early 90′s. In the gyms where I was teaching, I kept getting asked to sub Pilates classes and so I became certified in Pilates as well. I think they are both awesome and complement each other perfectly.

FG: What do you enjoy most about Pilates and Yoga? Do you find they complement each other?

KM: They are definitely complementary to each other. What I enjoy about both of them, is when I do Pilates and it strengthens my core, it makes me that much stronger for my yoga classes and the more flexible and mindful I become in yoga, the easier it is for me to connect with my core and the muscles I need to be working in Pilates. As far as Pilates goes, it really is about the core strength, there is no form of exercise like it, makes you feel plenty of power house from 45 minutes to an hour. It’s really been functional training for everything I do because our midsection and our spine supports everything we do. So I find that kind of emphasis on the core strengthening and I like that Pilates you can see some results. You can get toned in all those areas that women really want to concentrate on.

interview with celebrity yoga instructor kristin mcgee

FG: What are the most common mistakes a client makes?

KM: Setting time limits. I think our health and well being is a never-ending journey and the process is the most fun! We should always set goals and strive to be our very best, but there’s no rush. We have all the time in the world and if we allow ourselves the space to explore our well being and have fun with fitness, we will always be healthy and feel good.

FG: What role did you play in the development of Bethenny Frankel’s fitness DVDS?

KM: I did choreography and I was her co-star on DVD. More recently, I’ve been working with her at the set of her show where she had an indoor yoga studio built. She successfully squeezes yoga in between her sets.

FG: Do you have any suggestions for people that have a tough time being consistent with their exercise regime, due to various responsibilities, hectic lifestyles and life demands?

KM: I recommend doing a little something each day. I like to say ” A downward dog a day, keeps the doctor away.” Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take a longer route while taking a stroll or taking your little one for a walk. Try and doing a little something each day. It makes the difference and will help make you stronger.

FG: Do you have DVDS that are currently available?

KM: I have an app and variety of routines and full video workouts on my website.

FG: What’s next for Kristin?

KM: I’m looking forward to doing more work with moms and moms-to-be. I’d like to do my DVDS that accommodate their lifestyles and allow them to incorporate quality time with their little ones into their workout.

Kristin McGee interview

Kristin did yoga all through her recent pregnancy. Inspiring!

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