Inspired Living: A Love Letter to Myself

February 11, 2014

self-love: how to write a love letter to yourself

On this day, Valentine’s Day, the world seems to swallow into itself. A deep chasm emerges, one that pits two groups—the single and the taken—against each other. Some deem February 14th a so-called Hallmark holiday, while proponents believe the day is simply an opportunity for expression of love and affection. Me? I don’t have someone special with whom to share this day, but this year, I’m content with that fact. Instead of shoveling copious amounts of chocolate into my mouth, I’m writing a love letter to myself. Because I don’t need a significant other as reason to wax poetic on this day.

Dear Molly,

You are special. You’re specialness doesn’t derive from an innate set of characteristics, nor does it contribute to some false sense of entitlement. No, you’re special because you’re alive, and because you choose to continue living. In this world, overflowing with harshness and beauty, it can be so easy to drift helplessly like so much sand in an ocean’s tide. But you’ve always known what you want out of life and you are uncompromising in your journey to realize your goals.

Despite your demons, despite your struggles, you are more than the skin and bones that comprise your physical being. You are a mind, a soul, and a heart. Your mind has allowed you to learn Spanish, attend college, and become a writer for Peaceful Dumpling. Your soul has sought its truth: to live a compassionate, vegan life. Your heart is pure and knows vulnerability. When you love, you love deeply, and this is something you should value for it is rare.

You’re a voracious reader; an experimental cook; a jogger; a knitter; and a tea junkie. You’re honest to a fault, but never unkind.  Sometimes, you’re temperamental and dramatic, but I love you for this. Without these qualities, you wouldn’t be able to share revelatory musings or expand the scope of your knowledge. You’re dedicated to self-improvement because you recognize that everything is transient and you want to prepare for the unpredictability of life.

Molly, I love you fully and completely. I love you for everything you are and everything you have yet to become. There is no one I would rather be. There is no body I’d rather inhabit. I’ll be with you forever, always by your side, through tribulation and triumph. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, whether or not you’re spending the day with a special someone, why not write yourself your own love letter? In the comments below, tell us why you love yourself.

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