Inspiration of the Day: Diane von Furstenberg on Beauty

July 22, 2013

If I had to think of career women-role models, Diane von Furstenberg has to be on my top 3 list. Long before Sheryl Sandberg was at Harvard (and uh, before 37-year-old Marisa Meyer was born), this unstoppable dame had ruled Studio 54 along with the likes of Bianca, Andy Warhol, and Mick Jagger, and then handily went on to conquer the fashion world with her deceptively simple and oh-so-flattering wrap dresses. But even though she is like, the queen of glamour, DVF is always so poised, down-to-earth, and classy–in short, she’s the Helen Mirren of Fashion. Oh, and did I mention her favorite cause is mentoring women entrepreneurs? A devoted yogi, here’s what she told Vogue about being beautiful.

Diane von Furstenberg on Beauty

Two things are extremely attractive. Health is beauty, and confidence is beauty,” DVF says, noting that nothing’s sexier than “embracing who you are.” I think this is so true–beauty isn’t about your shape or size, but all about owning it! I’m amazed by how some women just seem so radiant because of their inner confidence, regardless of their hair or the size of their hips. So go ahead and smile–because you’re beautiful even before you lose those 5 lbs.

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