These Chic, Cruelty-Free Indie Brands Made A Splash On The Red Carpet

April 7, 2017

With indie beauty brands blowing up on Etsy and online boutiques, it’s no surprise that top celebrity stylists have turned to some of these hot new brands to prep their high-profile clients. Small beauty brands even made an appearance at this year’s Golden Globes and Oscars. Below are three luxe indie brands (with cruelty-free cred!) that were featured in some of the gorgeous looks on the red carpet.

Vernon Francois

These Innovative Cruelty-Free Indie Brands Made A Splash On The Red Carpet

Used to style Ruth Negga’s elegant updo, Vernon Francois products were specially formulated for curly, textured, kinky, and damaged hair. The oils used in Vernon Francois products are fairly sourced from local farmers in Africa. They’re also sustainably and organically harvested. All Vernon Francois products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, DEA, and dyes.

When it comes to styling a super-short cut like Negga’s, Francois himself says it’s all about getting creative: “Leading up to the Oscars, her hair was straighter rather than curly, so I manipulated the curl with accessories,” he told Us Magazine. “As her hair has grown, we’ve had fun experimenting with new looks and sometimes making it look shorter than it was. It evolves every time!”

Virtue Labs

These Innovative Cruelty-Free Indie Brands Made A Splash On The Red Carpet

Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel owe their glossy ’dos to the Raleigh-based hair care brand Virtue Labs. The brand’s claim to fame is their unique keratin, Alpha Keratin 60ku. Unlike most keratin ingredients, this particular keratin is not derived from animal byproducts but rather from human hair (so still technically animal in origin but not unsuspecting-furry-friend in origin). Virtue labs products are free of sulfates, parabens, colors, and dyes.

indie beauty, red carpet, hair care, makeupThese Innovative Cruelty-Free Indie Brands Made A Splash On The Red Carpet

No one rocks yellow like Reese.

When it comes to creating a dramatic side part, stylist to Witherspoon and Biel, Adir Abergel advises, “Use your eyebrow as the mark. The part should start either at the highest arch of your brow or right at the end of your eyebrow for a more dramatic effect.”

Fiona Stiles

Created by makeup artist Fiona Stiles, Fiona Stiles Beauty offers colors for every complexion as well as a range of east-to-follow online videos that help to achieve #mistakefreemakeup. Stiles herself prepped Lily Collins for the Golden Globes. Collins’ bold fuschia lip is to die for!

How does Stiles achieve a perfect high-intensity lip? “I [sweep] the lipstick across the lips. Then, before extending the color across the entire lip, I like to jump in with a lip liner and push the color to the edges with the pencil. This way, I can get a crisp sharp line.”

What’s your favorite recent red carpet look?

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Photos: Vernon Francois, Reese Witherspoon via Instagram, Virtue Labs, Fiona Stiles Beauty

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