I Tried Infrared Jade Roller Massage Therapy Bed—And Life Was Never The Same

January 6, 2023

Jade rollers are more and more popular and offer many health benefits. But not many of us know that jade rollers can be used on other parts of the body as well, not only on our face, though the technology has been around for years.

I had a therapy  session with an infrared jade roller massage bed, and it was one of the most amazing and relaxing experiences of my life. I was literally melting on the bed. Not to mention the difference I felt in my body for days after. It can’t even be compared with a simple massage session, which always left me feel amazing—this experience is just a whole different level. I remember doing hard physical work for months before I encountered such a jade roller bed. Despite the daily yoga sessions my body still felt stiff and worn off but the massage session made me feel completely rejuvenated and like I got a whole new spine.


But what is exactly an infrared jade roller massage bed?

Imagine those massage beds which you can use at home too and adjust with a remote control. Now replace the massage heads with jade rollers that can be heated up with infrared rays and radiate warmth like the Sun. The rollers move along the spinal column, from the hip to the neck and along the calf and the quadriceps. The automatic massage warms up and relieves the back muscles, sinews and body tissue and provides a wonderful, warm feeling that radiates throughout your back.

Most people think of massage therapy and technology as being therapeutic and restorative, which they are. However, they are also a wonderful tool for preventative care and maintenance, especially for very active people.

At the beginning I was wondering why they would use jade stones for this and if they are actual jade stones. (I know jade rollers are not always made of jade because jade is expensive. For example, my jade roller is made of rose quartz.) The use of jade, an ornamental mineral, goes back a long way and has its roots in ancient Eastern civilizations. Jade Gemstone has been used and cherished for thousands of years for its beauty and healing properties, but the scientific evidence to support the healing properties of jade stone, and crystal healing in general, is limited due to lack of research. Though there are several metaphysical benefits attributed to jade stones such as aiding the body’s filtration and elimination organs, treating kidney problems and adrenal glands, removing toxins, rebinding skeletal and cellular systems, and even balancing body fluids.

You could wonder why are they using jade stones then, and not something more accessible—and there is a good reason to it. When the jade stones are heated with the infrared light bulbs and applied on acupressure points, the stone emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 3 inches below the skin. Deep penetrating, far-infrared heat excites molecules to increase their energy. The increased energy then excites your body cells. These excited cells gives rise to various benefits.

Chiropractic benefits

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on healing discomfort in the bone joints and neuro-musculoskeletal system. Thermal jade massage beds provide chiropractic benefits such as relief from problems of the backbone, spine, muscular spasms and correction of vertebra alignment. The massage session restores optimum blood flow, flushes out toxins, and soothes joints from within.

Relaxation and stress relief

The sessions help restore blood circulation and help the body to increase its detoxifying effects. So, spend some time on it to relax and experience all your stress flow away. Besides, the infusion of pure oxygen ions into your system promotes cell regeneration. The tissues in your body are strengthened, aging process slows as well.

Acupressure benefits

Acupressure works on the principle of blocking and restarting the flow of energy in your body with the intention of stimulating the human blood and increase the Qi. Several health problems are cured when blood and energy flow in the body are on the optimum level. Thermal jade massage beds provide similar benefits. The combination of pure oxygen ions and infrared radiation clears energy blocks hence promotes general well being.

Improvement of immune system

Thermal jade massage increases white blood cell production by promoting cell rejuvenation in the body. As a result, the immune system of the body is stronger and more active.

Thermal massage benefits

Besides all these you’ll receive the benefits that you experience in a massage session. Jade stones massage your body and promote the health of your musculoskeletal system, metabolism, nervous system and all vital organs of your body.

Infra therapy benefits

Infrared light is light that’s not visible to the human eye but can be felt in the form of warmth. There is no danger associated with exposure to this type of light, in fact, our bodies use it every day to perform natural physiological functions. For example, this type of light wave is important for improving circulation and boosting the immune system. These types of functions can’t occur without the type of heat that the bed provides. With each treatment, you’re essentially healing your body from the outside in.


These sessions are normally on the rather expensive side of massage treatments but they are completely worth it. If you get the opportunity to try out any of these sessions, I fully recommend it. Just be aware, it easily makes you addicted. 😉

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Photo: Cup of Couple via Pexels

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