Connect With Your Soul Purpose Through This Guided Ikigai Meditation (Video)

June 14, 2021

Ikigai is a beautiful Japanese concept, meaning your life’s purpose. It is an aspect of life, which isn’t about your usefulness to others, or outward responsibility. Rather, it’s about your inner soul’s purpose—your joy! And by keeping a living connection with their Ikigai, a person keeps their joy and zest for life, alive—boosting your mental health, self-esteem and sense of self.

This can be rather an alien concept in the context of Western culture. It can feel selfish, decadent, or simply unachievable, in a time-poor always-on modern culture. However, this is exactly why we need it so much—to bring that balance to our lives. Connecting with our joy and purpose in the universe—with our true selves—fuels our inner fire, boosts our personal resources and strength. Responsibility to take care of ourselves and our joy,  is just as important an element of life as responsibility to others!

So this meditation is to help us rediscover or reconnect with our Ikigai—no matter how long it might have been lost, misplaced or shelved.

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Video: Ema Melanaphy

Ema Melanaphy is an ex-Civil Servant Reiki practitioner and Shiatsu student, a super proud auntie of 6 niblings, a multipotentialite, passionate vegan, yoga enthusiast and unabashed geek girl. She loves inventing new recipes and veganising the heck out of everything, experimenting with hair colours, learning languages (learning in general!) exploring the world, evolving, and connecting with nature. She posts on Instagram at @reikiema, and blogs on her website


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