I Tried It: Chinese Foot Reflexology

September 21, 2015

I Tried It: Chinese Foot ReflexologyDue to the relaxing benefits, I have always been drawn to massages. There is nothing more peaceful than having your worries and pent up tension kneaded away. Thanks to Groupon, I used to treat myself to monthly body treatments while living in the U.S. However, it wasn’t until I moved to Hong Kong that I discovered the wonderful world of foot reflexology.

The ancient art of foot reflexology is believed to have begun in China over 5,000 years ago. By definition, reflexology is the ancient practice of natural healing that uses the pressure points on the feet to help promote positive energy change in the body. The contact points on the foot are linked to various parts of the body. The intention of reflexology is to help bring balance and restorative energy to the body.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, I had never tried nor had much knowledge of foot reflexology. Yet, the blinking foot signs on every street corner as well as the low service price intrigued me. With far too many options to choose from, I did my research on the best foot massages in the area and settled on Happy Foot. How could you deny a place that promised to make your feet happy?

Upon arriving at Happy Foot, I was whisked away to a dimly lit room with plush chairs where I began to soak my tired feet into a warm bath. The atmosphere was serene and instantly relaxing. The massage therapist then gingerly dried my feet and proceeded to rub both feet and calves with oil. Over the next hour, the therapist used firm strokes and applied pressure to the top and bottom of my feet as well as my toes. At times, the pressure was painful but overall felt soothing. Finishing the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed and rejuvenated as well as better circulation in my legs. Impressed with the treatment and curious about the long-term benefits, I began to make foot reflexology an integral part of my wellness routine.

After several months of reflexology, I can attest that this ancient practice does indeed benefit to one’s overall health and wellness. Here are some of the amazing benefits and tips that come with getting your feet pampered.

I Tried It: Chinese Foot Reflexology

Better circulation

Before regular reflexology treatments, I often had poor circulation in my legs. I would suffer from a tingly sensation behind my right knee, making it uncomfortable to sit for long periods. However, after several treatments the sensation began to diminish. The principles of reflexology states that acupressure stimulates the circulatory system, promoting blood flow. With this, the body is able to flush out toxins and waste, improving physical health.

 More Energy

Reflexology is intended to remove negative blockages in the body, enhancing energy. Although initially relaxed after treatments, I could feel the positive effects on my body days later. Instead of feeling run down, I felt more energized and refreshed. If you’re feeling sluggish, apply pressure to the middle of your foot, at the top of the arch. This area is associated with the adrenal gland, which helps with relieving stress and boosting energy.

 Stronger Immune System

According to the principles of reflexology, certain nerves related to the body’s organs correspond to parts of the foot. When acupressure is applied, it stimulates the correlating body parts. It is said that reflexology helps relieves reoccurring issues such as sinus infections, headaches, and trouble with digestion. From my experience, reflexology helped relieve sinus pressure during one of my horrific seasonal infections. If you find yourself battling a sinus infection try pressing firmly on the tops on the toes, as this area is connected to the sinuses.

 Harmonized Body

Many factors can cause our bodies to become inharmonious, affecting your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state. The biggest factor includes stress. I am guilty of carrying stress with me. In the past, I neglected to recognize what it was doing to my body. With that, it was interfering with my physical and emotional health causing me to have chronic pain and hair loss. Fortunately, reflexology helped me gain the balance again, relieving recurring stress on my body. By giving yourself one hour every once in a while to fully unwind is not only relaxing, but also vital to stabilizing your body.

Although it’s nice to have it done professionally, reflexology can easily be performed on your own. By using your thumbs, apply pressure to the various pressure points on your feet. Who knew such a simple pleasure could be so beneficial to your mind, body, and soul?


Have you ever tried foot reflexology? How has it helped with your overall wellness?

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