Clean Living: How to Organize Your Bathroom

by Nicole
January 6, 2014

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary. It’s where you go to unwind in a tub at the end of long day or take your time primping before heading out on a date. So then answer me this: why is that makeup brush on the floor? And those Beauty Blenders? Seriously? I’m not even going to ask the last time you scrubbed your shower clean. How can you possibly relax when that gunky towel is giving you the evil eye?

Maybe this isn’t your life, but it’s certainly been mine. In need of some guidance on how to tackle la toilette, I enlisted the advice of professional organizer Ilene Miller, owner of Mother Says Declutter.

When a new year rolls around, everyone is quick to start fresh when it comes to your life and even clothes- but Ilene thinks the best place to begin is your bathroom. A pristine bathroom leads to a cleaner conscience and more efficient daily routine. Taking the time now to organize what might be the smallest room in the house pays off as more free time in the long run because next time you need to run out in a dash, you won’t be scrambling to find *insert necessary item here*. Here’s her pain-free process:


1. Take everything out from underneath your vanity, on your counter and in the shower.

2. Throw out your shower liner and/or curtain. Buy new liners, a curtain and clean hooks.

3. Clean the entire bathroom. I love Method products for their cheery and fresh smell.

4. Evaluate your space and buy organizational baskets, containers and shelves that will fit. I adore The Container Store, but often buy these cheap at my local dollar store.

5. Sift through all the stuff you removed: if you haven’t used it in 3 months, it goes. Be ruthless! Don’t want to throw it away? Give yourself a month to use it up. It shouldn’t take more than that to finish a bottle of shampoo. Take note of all the makeup/hair products/lotion you own. Remember this next time you pass The Body Shop and stare longingly into the windows of a sale. Hear my voice in your head asking, “Do you need that?” Didn’t think so.


6. On to organization- yay! Separation is key. Everything should have a place in a clear container or bag. Put nail polishes together, makeup together, etc. Absolutely nothing should be left loose. If you really don’t have the room to store everything away either under the sink or in a cabinet, conceal unsightly items in containers that match the color scheme of your bathroom.

7. Only keep medications/important items in the medicine cabinet for easy access.

8. You should always have a garbage basket in the bathroom and it should always be lined with a garbage bag. Throwing tissues and other things into the can when there’s no bag in it is unhygienic and asking for germs. Not to mention it makes throwing out your garbage that much easier! I can’t tell you how many people don’t do this.

It’s that easy. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of getting rid of stuff or need help taking on another organizational project, Ilene works in Manhattan, Westchester, Rockland and New Jersey. She lives to simplify lives for the better, so if you’re interested in learning more feel free to contact her at or via her website. Happy organizing!

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